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Work Programme Evaluation report

Is the Work Programme working?

Three new reports from the evaluation of the Work Programme have been published by the Department for Work and Pensions, which explore:

  • participant views on and experiences of programme delivery as well as their outcomes
  • the views of providers on the commissioning model and their experiences of delivering the programme, and
  • the programme's provision for prison leavers.

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Infographic: Barriers to successful coaching

New coachee study reveals the barriers to effective coaching

Recently published joint research with James Cook University, Australia.

The engaging manager in development mode

New research report for HR Network members

The engaging manager in development mode

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What is in a name?

‘I have been writing and talking about HR business partners a lot recently and this has reminded me of the importance of terminology. Take ‘business partner’ itself as a term. It replaced descriptions like HR manager or senior HR adviser, or going back further, senior personnel officer.’



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