Masterclass workshops: High-performance working


The aim is to:

  • understand the concept of high-performance working
  • critically assess the concept and what it means in practice
  • explore some of the evidence linking high performance working to organisational performance
  • consider implementation issues


The concepts of high-performance working and the evidence base, will be presented, drawing on wide-ranging research that IES has conducted. Discussion on implementation will be interactive, drawing on participants’ own experience of people management, and the barriers and facilitators they have encountered to successful implementation.


  • The concept of high-performance working and its antecedents – high-commitment management, high-involvement management, smarter working etc.
  • The defining features of high-performance workplaces: what do they have in common, what kinds of organisations do they seem to be? What are the practices involved in high performance?
  • A thorough review of the evidence linking people management practice to organisational performance; just what practices do link, how do they do so, what is the weight of evidence demonstrating linkage, and what have been the criticisms of this evidence base?
  • What do we know about the behaviour of managers, and what difference does the strategy of the organisation make?
  • What are the lessons for your organisation?


One day

CPD course pricing

Unless otherwise stated, in-house course fees are as follows:

CPD in-house training per day (excl. VAT)
non-members of the IES HR Network £1,640
members of the IES HR Network £1,450

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