Masterclass workshops: New HR roles and careers


  • to give an up to date insight on functional changes within HR service delivery
  • to provide a detailed analysis of the new roles in HR
  • to identify the corresponding skill requirements for new and changed roles
  • to explore the key development and career issues
  • to find answers to role and development issues

What is the need?

HR is continually changing, to support organisations as they change to match the external demands made on them. However, the growing trend is for organisations to want more for less from their HR function. This manifests itself in significant re-organisation of the work of HR functions, resulting in new roles becoming established, and traditional roles diminishing.

Such change impacts greatly on entry into HR and subsequent career paths, and brings into question the decisions that individuals and the HR functions may have made in personal development and in succession planning.

But what are the actual changes being made, and how many organisations are changing, and what does this really mean for HR careers and personal development?

Why this course?

This course will provide many of the answers for senior HR professionals with management or policy responsibility, for learning and development providers, and for HR professionals who are contemplating the direction of their own careers.

In a compact day, participants will gain a detailed picture of the key changes that are likely to affect them. This will be informed by leading edge research on the changing HR function, which was undertaken by the presenter.


There will be a number of inputs from the facilitator on the topics for the day, though the course will essentially be interactive and practical, with plenty of opportunity for discussion. Drawing from their experience, the facilitator will set the context of their inputs in real life situations to which participants will readily relate.


  • Leading edge research on the subject.
  • ‘Ulrich’s’ model for HR service delivery.
  • Adoption or adaptation? How much the model is employed in practice?
  • What the roles of business partners and jobs in centres of expertise, corporate centre, shared service and contact centres actually entail.
  • What are the skills needed to perform those roles?
  • What skill development approaches are used?
  • How might these skills be developed through training and experience?
  • What are the key issues with respect to career paths?
  • How will HR professionals move people through the HR structure?
  • Approaches to career growth and role capability through development interventions.

Who should attend this course?

This short course is intended for:

  • senior HR professionals who manage other HR professionals
  • HR professionals who wish to gain an overview of the changing roles in HR, in order to help them make more meaningful career choices
  • learning and development professionals who provide career advice and learning opportunities for HR colleagues


One day

CPD course pricing

Unless otherwise stated, in-house course fees are as follows:

CPD in-house training per day (excl. VAT)
non-members of the IES HR Network £1,640
members of the IES HR Network £1,450

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