Masterclass workshops: Strengths at work – using people’s natural talents to deliver high performance

What is the need?

Recent research shows that people are more engaged at work and deliver higher performance when they are using their strengths. The research also suggests that the area for people’s greatest development is not in removing their weaknesses but in growing their strengths even further.

Getting the best from individuals and teams is a key challenge for organisations and a strengths focused approach provides a real opportunity to help people step up to the next level.


The course is designed to give people:

  • an understanding of the strengths approach to development and performance
  • feedback about their own strengths (using a structured strengths assessment tool)
  • an understanding of the team’s strengths and ways of using them
  • ways of developing and applying their strengths


The workshop will have a small amount of theory followed by time for people to explore and learn about their own strengths, with support from the facilitator and other participants.

Prior to the workshop, participants will complete an online strengths assessment tool, Strengthscope. Strengthscope identifies strengths in the four areas of: relationships, thinking, execution, and emotional.


  • introduction to positive psychology and strengths
  • introduction to Strengthscope assessment tool
  • understanding your Strengthscope profile
  • Strengthscope – pairs coaching
  • team strengths – what they are and how to utilise them
  • team and personal action planning – the strengths DANCE

Who should attend this course?

  • managers and teams who want to be even more successful
  • HR professionals who want to experience and learn about a new approach to development


One day

CPD course pricing

Unless otherwise stated, in-house course fees are as follows:

For groups of up to 12 people:
non-members of the IES HR Network £1,640 plus £30 per person*
standard members £1,450 plus £30 per person*
enhanced members £1,300 plus £30 per person*
* for the Strengthscope profiles

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