cover illustrationThe Drivers of Employee Engagement

Robinson D, Perryman S, Hayday S

Report 408, Institute for Employment Studies, April 2004
ISBN: 978-1-85184-336-7, pp. xiv+73
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a report researched by IES

Engagement is a frequently used and fashionable term. Some companies now have ‘engagement models’ and are attempting to measure levels of engagement, perhaps to input to the balanced scorecard, or for incorporation into the human capital report. Research into engagement, however, is almost non-existent. It appears that ‘engagement’ is not a recognised academic construct, yet all of us feel intuitively that we understand what it means. If engagement can be defined and measured, what drives it? What persuades the employee to ‘go that extra mile’ – and what does the organisation need to give in return?

The work in this report is built on in ‘Engagement: The Continuing Story’, an IES report which tests our enagement measure and drivers tool in different settings and sectors. More details:
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