cover illustrationWork Programme evaluation
Findings from the first phase of qualitative research on programme delivery

Newton B, Meager N, Bertram C, Corden A, George A, Lalani M, Metcalf H, Rolfe H, Sainsbury R, Weston K

Research Report 821, Department for Work and Pensions, November 2012
ISBN: 978-1-90953-201-4, pp. 144
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a report jointly researched by IES

This report presents preliminary findings based on the first phase of qualitative research forming part of the official evaluation of the Work Programme.

The Work Programme is a major new, integrated welfare-to-work measure introduced nationally in June 2011, targeted at longer-term unemployed people, and providing support for up to two years to help them into sustainable work. The programme is delivered through a network of prime providers and subcontractors, operating under a payment-by-results regime, with considerable freedom to develop innovative provision for the individuals they support.

The evaluation, over the period 2011-15, is examining the way in which the Work Programme is commissioned, how it is delivered and what the experience and outcomes are for participants. This report focuses on programme delivery, looking at the experiences of staff and participants. Initial findings from the parallel commissioning strand will be published in early 2013.

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