Workplace Health Connect
January 2007 Progress Report

Tyers C with Gifford J, Gordon-Dseagu V, Lucy D, Usher T, Wilson S

Research Report, Health and Safety Executive, March 2007
ISBN: (no ISBN), pp. xii+82
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a report researched by IES

Workplace Health Connect (WHC) is a confidential service designed to give free, practical advice on workplace health, safety and return to work issues, to smaller businesses (with 5 to 250 workers) in England and Wales.

This progress report was commissioned by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to evaluate the first eight months of the service. The two main strands of the evaluation are:

A process evaluation of service delivery (including costs) and service penetration.

An impact evaluation of the initiative in terms of intermediate and final outcome measures (eg changes to attitudes about occupational health, or changes to the number of days off taken by staff within the employer), and an estimate of the overall costs and benefits of WHC.

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