Organisational design and development

Organisational design and development (OD) can sound mysterious, but at its heart, it is all about change. 

Although it can take many forms, from large-scale interventions to incremental improvements, the goal of OD is to enhance organisational effectiveness. 

Our understanding of what makes an effective organisation is rooted in extensive research and considerable pragmatic application.

We continue to help organisations identify the opportunities and the means to achieve improved organisational and people effectiveness, through flexible and timely support and by building internal capability and change-readiness.

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OD has both hard and soft elements. It is people-focused and business-focused. It coaches and challenges.

What is organisational design?

Organisational design is concerned with the form and structure of the organisation and its work processes. Periodically organisations and departments may re-design themselves in response to changing needs and opportunities.

Yet in an increasingly dynamic business world, such change is rapidly becoming an ongoing, rather than an occasional activity. Since organisation design often deals with how work is allocated and how jobs and reporting relationships are designed, it is usually explicit and formal.

What is organisational development?

Organisational development is about the functioning of an organisation, its people management processes, interactions and relationships. OD often seeks to change beliefs, attitudes and values through leadership, change management and communication strategies. While interventions may be tacit and informal, good OD remains data driven and is underpinned by sound diagnostics.

Our work in this area

 IES experts

Alison Carter Professor Stephen Bevan Sharon Varney Valerie Garrow

Alison Carter
Principal Research Fellow

Stephen Bevan
Head of HR Research Development

Sharon Varney
Principal Associate

Valerie Garrow
Principal Associate

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