HR leadership in complexity and change

Past HR Network Event

19 May 2021


HR leadership in complexity and change
Dr Sharon Varney, Principal Associate, IES 

Webinar summary:

If anyone needed a reminder that the world is complex, changeable and uncertain, then 2020 certainly delivered. Yet we also witnessed amazing agility as many people, in many places around the world, rapidly adapted to challenging and changing conditions.

Yet the surprising thing is that leadership always takes place in the midst of complexity and change. And the good news for HR and OD professionals is that being in the midst of it all is the best place to be if you want to make your leadership count. It’s time to let go of outdated narratives about leadership and learn how to activate your leadership in complexity and continuous changing. If not now, when?

This webinar covered:

Dr Sharon Varney drew on more than 15 years’ research and practice in complexity and change to redraw the landscape for HR leadership. She explained why and how learning is central to leadership agility, and presented a tool to enhance learning informed leadership in a complex world that is in constant motion.


Dr Sharon Varney, Principal Associate, IES