IES HR Directors' Retreat Part 2: Making Health & Wellbeing a Strategic Priority

Past HR Network Event

3 March 2021

Webinar summary:

For many organisations the Covid-19 pandemic has elevated employee health & wellbeing to the top of the Boardroom agenda. For many it has become a business continuity issue and for others it has exposed their vulnerability to high rates of ill-health and sickness absence. So, does this mean that wellbeing at work will remain a strategic priority after the pandemic (and, if so, what will this look like?), or will we return to piecemeal, under-resourced fruit & Pilates approaches? 


Wellbeing Post Covid-19: Learning from the Lockdown ‘experiment’
Stephen Bevan, Head of HR Research Development, IES 

The Case for Wellbeing: Engaging your Board  
Wendy Cartwright


Wendy Cartwright, former HR Director, Olympic Delivery Authority  

Wendy Hirsh, Principal Associate, IES

Stephen Bevan, Head of HR Research Development, IES 


Paper on workplace bullying by Prof David Guest & Dr Chris Woodrow

IES blog by Prof Duncan Lewis on bullying during COVID-19 

IES blog on Mental Health First Aid – with links to evaluation studies

AXA Guide on Mental Health during COVID-19 co-authored by IES

Winners & finalists of Global Healthy Workplace Awards – good examples of branding, metrics, governance and evaluations

IES research in rail sector on effective mental health training for managers