Women in leadership: a stalled revolution?

Thu 20 Jun 2024 14:00 to Thu 20 Jun 2024 15:30
Online Event - Exclusively for HR Network members

Have decades of advocacy for gender equality in the workplace resulted in a stalled revolution?

This session presents research and findings on the progress and challenges of women in workplaces in the UK. Even though more young women are entering the workforce today, they continue to earn less than men per hour, and fewer women make it to senior leadership and board positions. This session will present key drivers fuelling gender inequality in the workplace and identify strategies that HR leaders and organisations can deploy to harness the power of parity. The session will draw on the latest IES research into gender pay and pensions gaps, gender dimensions of flexible working, and family and care-oriented workplace policies like maternity and menopause, to argue that workplaces need to foster greater inclusion in the way they understand and address the needs of female workers.   

Who should attend?
Diversity, Equality, Inclusion Officers, HR managers, HR Directors, any senior leaders interested in advancing gender equality and women in leadership in their organisations.

How will participants/delegates benefit from attending?
Participants will understand the nature and extent of challenges confronting today's HR leaders in promoting a gender equitable and inclusive workplace. They will come away with  evidence of how gender inequality manifests and concrete suggestions for bringing about change. 

Topics we will cover
Gender inequality, women in leadership, gender pay & pensions gap, flexible working, caring responsibilities, maternity and menopause, gender diversity, inclusion.


  • 14:00 Intro and welcome
  • 14:05 Gender Equality in the UK Workplace
  • 14:15 Women in Leadership: What do the numbers tell us?
  • 14:25 Drivers of Gender Inequality
  • 14:45 Opportunities for change: what organisations can do
  • 14:55 Opportunities for change: what HR can do
  • 15:05 Open Discussion/ Questions
  • 15:25 Reflections on discussion and potential next steps
  • 15:30 Close

Reserving your place
This is an exclusive webinar for HR Network members, please email the IES HR Network Manager Emma Stewart-Rigby to secure your place as soon as possible.