Past events

Revisit presentations, papers and notes from past IES events.


HR Network logoHR Network Annual Conference
16 January


HR Network logoUnlocking talent through social mobility
18 July

HR Network logoLine managers and their role in employee wellbeing
20 June

HR Network logoLine managers and their role in employee wellbeing
20 June

HR Network logoAnnual HR Directors' Retreat: Strategic Human Resource Management: Back to the future with people management?
23-24 May

HR Network logo

Artificial Intelligence: the potential impact on the work of the HR function
2 May

HR Network logoChanging together: Change tools for teams
21 March

HR Network logoCapitalising on neurodiverse talent
7 February


HR Network logoAnnual Conference 2018: HR's role in creating organisation agility
11 October

HR Network logoJob/work engagement: Understanding a different aspect of engagement
13 September

HR Network logoGender pay reporting: what now?
21 June

HR Network logoGetting the most from performance and development conversations
17 May

HR Network logoAnnual HR Directors' Retreat: Managing across the generations
2 May

HR Network logoImplementing an effective employee value proposition
29 March

HR Network logoTalent management: strategies, practices and challenges
15 February

HR Network logoGood work and mental wellbeing: Creating the healthy workplace
18 January


HR Network logoWorkplace productivity: The human factor
14 December

HR Network logoAnnual Conference 2017: Smaller function, bigger issues
5 October

HR Network logoIntegrating mindfulness and compassion
7 September

HR Network logoChange management: Elixir or Snake Oil?
13 July

HR Network logoThe dark side of wellbeing: Dementia
15 June

HR Network logoInnovation: HR as enabler or inhibitor?
11 May

HR Network logoAnnual HR Directors' Retreat 2017: The changing face of work
26-27 April

HR Network logoTalkin' 'bout my generation: Ageing and pensions
23 March

HR Network logoGetting value from your values
23 February


HR Network logoMeaningfulness at work
13 December

HR Network logoAnnual Provocation and Fellows event: Intergenerational differences
17 November 

HR Network logoAnnual Conference: A fresh look at work and wellbeing
3 November

HR Network logoGender pay gap reporting: full analysis and insight
21 July

HR Network logoCollective ethical leadership
21 June

HR Network logoAnnual HR Directors' Retreat: Swimming against the tide
27 - 28 April

HR Network logoHigh involvement change: from consultation to co-production
7 April

HR Network logoPerformance management, change at last?
22 March

HR Network logoShared parental leave
11 February


HR Network logoHR Workshop: Ethics in HR
15 December

HR Network logoHR Directors' Provocation: Beyond competencies 
25 November

HR Network logoHR Conference 2015: Organisational Development
27 October

HR Network logoBuilding your HR analytics capability
22 October

HR Network logo

HR Business Partners: Yes please or no thanks?
16 July

HR Network logo

Tapping into the Youth Labour Market
2 July

HR Network logo

HR Network Mini Conference: Realistic expectations? The role of the line in people management
21 May

HR Network logoAnnual HR Directors Retreat: Behavioural change at work
28 - 29 April

HR Network logoReflective Practice skills
16 April

HR Network logoMindfulness at work
17 March

HR Network logo

Shared parental leave
26 February


HR Network logoTalent and succession management: Where next?
11 December

HR Network logoLeveraging coaching for organisational change
30 October

HR Network logoHR Conference 2014: Strategic HR
16 October

HR Network logoThe enemy within: the lies HR tells itself
18 September

HR Network logoBig data
17 July

HR Network logoHR Directors' Retreat 2014: Innovation
19 June

HR Network logoEstablishing a culture of openness
29 May

HR Network logoMini Conference: Really big headlines
24 April

HR Network logoUnderstanding resilience: ensuring employee and organisational health
in tough times
5 February


HR Network logoMetrics that matter
12 December

HR Network logoHR conference 2013: The many faces of employee engagement
15 October

HR Network logoOrganisation effectiveness
8 October

HR Network logoCareer development
24 September

HR Network logoHR Directors' Provocation: Why should anyone work here?
17 September

HR Network logoLearning from lean
11 July

HR Network logoHR Directors' Retreat 2013: HR Director as organisational leader
20 June

HR Network logoBeautiful jobs
9 May

HR Network logoDiverse organisations
25 April 2013

HR Network logoValues
31 January


The value of Higher Education: IES annual public policy conference 2012
28 November

HR Network logoGetting the business partner role to work
15 November

HR Network logoEvidence-based HR: HR does it with data? IES Annual HR Conference 2012
18 October

HR Network logoDeveloping an employee value proposition in a new world
18 September

HR Network logoHR Directors Retreat 2012
5 July

HR Network logoSupporting managers to motivate and develop their people
12 June

HR Network logoRole of incentives in tough times
17 May

HR Network logoManaging difficult change and developing your OD toolkit
19 April

HR Network logoGetting maximum business value from your L&D activity
29 March

HR Network logoOutstanding leadership of teams
23 February

HR Network logoStrategic talent management/workforce planning
26 January