IES HR Directors' Retreat Part 2: Making Health & Wellbeing a Strategic Priority

Wed 03 Mar 2021 09:30 to Wed 03 Mar 2021 11:45

For many organisations the Covid-19 pandemic has elevated employee health & wellbeing to the top of the Boardroom agenda. For many it has become a business continuity issue and for others it has exposed their vulnerability to high rates of ill-health and sickness absence. So, does this mean that wellbeing at work will remain a strategic priority after the pandemic (and, if so, what will this look like?), or will we return to piecemeal, under-resourced fruit & Pilates approaches? 

This event for senior HR leaders in the IES Network is a chance to reflect on:

■ What have we learned about promoting health & wellbeing at work during the last year?

■ If working from home or ‘hybrid’ working is to become a more permanent feature of working life, what should organisations do to discharge their legal duty of care, to manage absence, to make workplace adjustments and manage rehabilitation?

■ Has the way that we make the ‘business case’ for wellbeing changed and are sceptical Board members more likely to be persuaded that they should invest in more resources?

■ What should the role of line managers be in promoting wellbeing at work? What skills will they need and how do we support them better to play a more active role?

In line with the design of previously face-to-face Retreat events, delegates will have plenty of opportunity for conversation and the sharing of their own experiences and ideas.

They will be stimulated by inputs on two main topics:

How has the strategic business case for wellbeing changed in the last year?

Prof Gail Kinman, Birkbeck College, London University & Stephen Bevan, IES

Making the case for wellbeing to a sceptical Board

Wendy Cartwright, former HR Director, Olympic Delivery Authority  

9:30: Introduction

9:35: Strategic Business Case for Wellbeing

9:55: Small group discussions

10:15: Coffee break

10:25: Observations from discussions

10:45: Making the business case to a sceptical board

11:30: Observations and summary from Chair