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  • Fair Pay: What do the Politicians and HR Directors want?

    Blog posts

    22 Apr 2015

    Duncan Brown comments on the forthcoming election manifestos with regard to pay, concluding that, with such all-party support for higher and 'fairer' pay, it is interesting to see that employers and their HR functions appear to be much less keen.

  • Mary Parker Follett: an unsung heroine

    Blog posts

    16 Apr 2015

    Dilys Robinson introduces us to another unsung hero, Mary Parker Follett. First outlining Parker Follett's ideas, Dilys argues how her thinking applies to modern day people management and what we could learn from this great thinker from the past.

  • Productivity tops the next government’s to do list

    Blog posts

    1 Apr 2015

    Jim Hillage, in reaction to statistics released today by the ONS, has published his thoughts on why productivity will be a priority for the next government.

  • Shared Parental Leave: Parenting revolution or business as usual?

    Blog posts

    30 Mar 2015

    Mary Mercer asks whether employers can and will challenge the status quo with the new Shared Parental Leave regulations to create a world where it will become normal for men as well as women to be off for blocks of time around the birth of their child.

  • 'Gender Pay: A moving target'... but one where more transparency and HR action will help

    Blog posts

    23 Mar 2015

    In a blog post originally published by CIPD, Duncan Brown urges HR to take the lead on addressing the gender pay gap.

  • Thanks for the good news Chancellor, but what about youth unemployment?

    Blog posts

    19 Mar 2015

    It was either a coincidence or careful planning that the monthly labour market statistics came out on the day of the Budget. It enabled the Chancellor to underline the dramatic improvement in the labour market in recent years, with record levels of employment and overall unemployment down to almost pre-recession levels. However, not all is rosy in the labour market garden.

  • What is in a name?

    Blog posts

    15 Jan 2015

    I have been writing and talking about HR business partners a lot recently and this has reminded me of the importance of terminology.

  • Unsung Heroes - Samuel Plimsoll

    Blog posts

    17 Dec 2014

    Dilys Robinson outlines why this unsung hero deserves more recognition for his influence on modern-day health and safety.

  • A visitor's eye view

    Blog posts

    7 Oct 2014

    At IES we study organisational effectiveness. We wade through literature, talk to senior managers and lots of focus groups, consult academics and examine metrics. We ruminate on the alignment between business and individual performance, culture, engagement - all that stuff. And yet… I've spent a lot of my working life visiting organisations and am amused, intrigued and sometimes appalled at what a visitor experiences.

  • Strategic HR and lessons from history

    Blog posts

    4 Sep 2014

    Now that it's September, coming back to work after summer distractions and in particular visiting the Edinburgh book festival, I started thinking about what have I (re)learned? One thing I've been thinking over is how do you understand the past?