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  • Slides: obesity stigma at work

    Improving inclusion and productivity

    Bajorek Z | Oct 2022 | Institute for Employment Studies

    Zofia Bajorek's presentation to the Portuguese International Forum of Occupational Health

  • Slides: Return to work research and policy

    Lessons from Covid-19 and challenges for the next decade

    Bevan S | Oct 2022 | Institute for Employment Studies

    Findings from Stephen Bevan's keynote address at the 10th International Biennial Congress on Disability Management and Return to Work

  • Slides: Returning to work following cancer

    Lessons for HR and OH professionals

    Bevan S | Sep 2022 | Institute for Employment Studies

    Findings from the Cancer & Employment study, presented by Stephen Bevan at the Workplace Health 2022 conference.

  • Have organisations squeezed the ‘squeezed middle’ too much?

    Why now is the time to take line manager wellbeing seriously

    Bajorek Z | Sep 2022 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This paper looks at how the health and wellbeing of line managers has an impact on the delivery of their role, and on the wellbeing of those they manage.

  • Healthcare professionals, obesity and employment

    A guide to help healthcare professionals discuss employment with people living with obesity

    Bajorek Z, Bevan S | Mar 2022 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This guide, the fourth output in the PURPOSE Programme, shines a light on the role that healthcare professionals can play in discussing the role of employment and employment status in the prevention, treatment and vocational rehabilitation of people living with obesity.

  • Lessons from Lockdown: No going back

    What we have learned from working at home during the Covid-19 pandemic

    Parry, J., Young, Z., Bevan, S., Veliziotis, M., Baruch, Y.,Beigi, M., Bajorek, Z., Richards,S. and Tochia,C. (2022)  | Mar 2022 | Institute for Employment Studies/Work After Lockdown

    The Work After Lockdown project has completed three waves of research, relating to distinct phases of the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions introduced in the UK. This report presents insights from the waves of data collection and summarises the learnings and implications for employers and policy makers.

  • Cancer and employment survey

    Summary of key findings

    Bevan S, Wilson B | Feb 2022 | Institute for Employment Studies / Working with Cancer

    In this survey of over 1200 people living with cancer, we explore the factors which make a successful, sustainable and fulfilling return to work more likely, and consider the barriers which remain for those returning to work during or after treatment.

  • Perspectives on HR 2021

    A collection of HR Network member papers published throughout 2021

    Campbell C, Hirsh W, Bajorek Z, Ranasinghe U, Poole K, Brown D, Lucy D, Bevan S | Dec 2021 | Institute for Employment Studies

    Over the course of 2021, IES has provided insight to our HR Network members on how the pandemic is affecting employers and our workforce through our Perspectives papers.

  • Coaching for wellbeing: Infographic

    Carter A, Mason B  | Dec 2021 | Institute for Employment Studies

    Key findings detailing the impact of the Looking After You Too service, offered by NHS England and NHS Improvement to support frontline primary care workers as they respond to the pandemic.

  • Supporting good mental health amongst London’s FE learners

    Summary and evidence report of an assessment of mental health needs and support approaches

    Newton B, Patel R, Akehurst G, Alexander K, Byford M, Rickard C, Ebanks-Silvera DJ, Buzzeo J, Cook J, White-Smith G  | Dec 2021 | Institute for Employment Studies

    The aims of the study were to bring together insights into London’s FE learner population with existing evidence on the dimensions of mental health and wellbeing and new primary research with stakeholders, and London’s providers and learners.