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    The IES Annual Graduate Review, 1997-1998

    The Fragmenting Graduate Market

    Pearson R, Perryman S, Connor H, Jagger N, La Valle I | Oct 1997 | Institute for Employment Studies

    The IES Annual Graduate Review included key facts, figures and commentary on the main changes influencing the HE experience, the changing characteristics of the student population, and graduates’ experiences in a more diverse labour market. In 1997-1998 special attention was given to the implications of the Dearing Inquiry for graduate employment and graduate recruiters. This publication is no longer available.

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    Employers’ Use of the NVQ System

    Spilsbury M, Moralee J, Evans C | Nov 1995 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This publication is no longer available. In this study, IES revisited its 1993 study of the take-up and use of National Vocational Qualifications to examine progress, involving a survey of 758 employers across England and Wales. It examined the influences of size, ownership and sector on employers’ use of NVQs, their understanding of them, and penetration of NVQs in those employers that do use them.

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    Employee Morale During Downsizing

    Kettley P | Jun 1995 | Institute for Employment Studies

    The experience of living with the possibility of redundancy, and watching others leave, has become part of the working experience of many UK employees. Whatever the corporate rationale, this 'downsizing' is a personal rather than a bottom-line issue for those who survive it and who are ultimately responsible for the newly structured business's future success. Talk of 'survivor syndrome' in the popular press has highlighted the dangers of generating a new breed of alienated employee, devoid of loyalty and commitment. How can employers maintain employee morale in times of such change?

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    Teachers: Recruitment and the Labour Market

    Court G, Morris S, Reilly B, Williams M | May 1995 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This report looks at the relationship between the supply of teachers to the teaching profession, the state of the labour market and pay levels. It comprises a review of existing information on the supply of teachers, and the findings from a statistical modelling exercise looking at some of the influences on the proportion of graduates entering teaching between 1986 and 1992. This publication is no longer available.

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    TECs and Equal Opportunities

    A Report to the G10 Special Needs and Equal Opportunities Sub-Group

    Meager N, Court G | Nov 1992 | Training and Enterprise Council

    This publication is no longer available.