Historical resources

Revisit historical presentations, papers and notes from past IES events.


HR Network logoTalent and succession management: Where next?
11 December

HR Network logoLeveraging coaching for organisational change
30 October

HR Network logoHR Conference 2014: Strategic HR
16 October

HR Network logoThe enemy within: the lies HR tells itself
18 September

HR Network logoBig data
17 July

HR Network logoHR Directors' Retreat 2014: Innovation
19 June

HR Network logoEstablishing a culture of openness
29 May

HR Network logoMini Conference: Really big headlines
24 April

HR Network logoUnderstanding resilience: ensuring employee and organisational health
in tough times
5 February


HR Network logoMetrics that matter
12 December

HR Network logoHR conference 2013: The many faces of employee engagement
15 October

HR Network logoOrganisation effectiveness
8 October

HR Network logoCareer development
24 September

HR Network logoHR Directors' Provocation: Why should anyone work here?
17 September

HR Network logoLearning from lean
11 July

HR Network logoHR Directors' Retreat 2013: HR Director as organisational leader
20 June

HR Network logoBeautiful jobs
9 May

HR Network logoDiverse organisations
25 April 2013

HR Network logoValues
31 January


The value of Higher Education: IES annual public policy conference 2012
28 November

HR Network logoGetting the business partner role to work
15 November

HR Network logoEvidence-based HR: HR does it with data? IES Annual HR Conference 2012
18 October

HR Network logoDeveloping an employee value proposition in a new world
18 September

HR Network logoHR Directors Retreat 2012
5 July

HR Network logoSupporting managers to motivate and develop their people
12 June

HR Network logoRole of incentives in tough times
17 May

HR Network logoManaging difficult change and developing your OD toolkit
19 April

HR Network logoGetting maximum business value from your L&D activity
29 March

HR Network logoOutstanding leadership of teams
23 February

HR Network logoStrategic talent management/workforce planning
26 January