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September 2020

On Notice: Estimating the impact on redundancies of the Covid-19 crisis

This briefing note uses newly released data from employers planning 20 or more redundancies alongside historic estimates of actual redundancies. Our central estimate is around 450 thousand redundancies in the third quarter of 2020 – significantly higher than the quarterly peak in the last recession.

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25 Nov 2020

Spending Review 2020: Good marks on support to find work, more to do on raising demand

Tony Wilson reflects on the just-announced Spending Review, and while there is much to welcome in today's announcements, there is still much to be done to support a strong recovery.

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20 Nov 2020

Next week we need a Spending Review for jobs – here’s how

IES Director Tony Wilson looks ahead to next week’s Spending Review, and sets out how we can support job growth and tackle rising unemployment

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