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Jun 2018

Annual Conference 2018: HR's role in creating organisation agility

Our conference this year will consider how organisations can act swiftly as both planned and unexpected situations arise in an increasingly fast-moving world. Join us in October to discover the latest research and develop your organisation's agility.

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16 Aug 2018

Further decline in EU workers prompts fears of labour shortages

What might the fall in numbers of EU workers mean for the UK's labour market, and economy, in the light of Brexit. Jim Hillage considers this decline in the context of low unemployment and high numbers of vacancies across the labour market.

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15 Aug 2018

Skills-, competency-, and capability-based pay: the magic bullet to solve public sector pay (and UK productivity) problems?

With new public sector pay deals announced, head of HR consultancy, Duncan Brown, explores possible ways forward without increasing the government deficit.

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Featuring comment from our head of HR consultancy, @duncanbHR.

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