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Apr 2019

Progression in employment

New research indicates that employers who support the progression of low-skilled, low-paid workers reap significant benefits in the workplace.

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18 Jun 2019

Mind the gender pensions gap too

As we move into the third year of compulsory gender pay reporting, Duncan Brown considers the issue of gender gap pensions - excluded from the calculations in the statutory requirement on gender pay reporting and also from considerations of equal pay legislation.

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11 Jun 2019

Labour Market Statistics, June 2019: No news is good news overall, while employment of older people sets new records

In his latest blog, IES Director Tony Wilson reflects on the new labour market statistics, covering the period February to April - a time when the UK government was in Brexit-induced turmoil.

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There has been much discussion about the #GenderPayGap but what about the disparity in #gender #pensions? In his la…

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