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  • Supporting the mental health of self-employed construction workers

    A study conducted by Mates in Mind and the Institute for Employment Studies

    Bevan S, Meek S, Lucy D | Jun 2022 | Institute for Employment Studies

    The aim of this project has been to provide evidence-based recommendations for practical tools which can be used to support self-employed construction workers who need mental health support.

  • Labour Market Statistics, June 2022

    Jun 2022 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This briefing note sets out analysis of the Labour Market Statistics published on 14 June 2022.

  • The importance of planning in an uncertain world

    Lucy D | May 2022 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This paper highlights three key reasons why workforce planning is critical right now for businesses and HR teams attempting to successfully navigate the tight labour market.

  • Evaluation of the national roll-out of the early career framework induction programmes

    Interim research brief (year one)

    Pollard E, Osborne E, Williams C, Huxley C, Cetera R, Williams J, Cook J  | May 2022 | Institute for Employment Studies / BMG

    This interim research briefing presents emerging findings, based on the experiences of Early Career Teachers (ECTs), mentors and induction tutors, of the first term of the 2-year provider-led Early Career Framework (ECF) training programme.

  • Labour Market Statistics, May 2022

    May 2022 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This briefing note sets out analysis of the Labour Market Statistics published on 17 May 2022.

  • Work Local: labour market analysis

    Wilson T, Williams M  | May 2022 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This paper, produced as part of the Local Government Association’s ‘Work Local’ programme, sets out analysis of differences between local labour markets in England. The analysis uses the Annual Population Survey alongside real-time vacancy data.

  • Shared employer engagement models

    What works

    Mansour J, Allen A, Cetera R, Subosa M, Hammond L | May 2022 | Institute for Employment Studies / ReAct

    The ReAct Partnership is a new, industry-led, active collaboration to support a continuous improvement community in the Restart programme through action research, shared and iterative learning, and the development of applied, evidence-based resources.

  • Webinar: Work After Lockdown

    Findings from the qualitative research with organisations and secondary data analysis

    Apr 2022 | Institute for Employment Studies

    Event resources from the recent Work After Lockdown webinar.

  • Tips by Text

    Evaluation Report

    Stokes L, Dawson A, Williams C, Alexander K, Akehurst G, Manzoni C, Runge J, Xu L  | Apr 2022 | Education Endowment Fund

    Tips by Text is a behavioural nudge intervention, which uses texts sent to parents to try to improve child outcomes in literacy, numeracy and social development. The research includes an evaluation of outcomes and a process and implementation evaluation.

  • Slides: The IES Annual Conference 2022

    Looking ahead to the future of work

    Wilson T, Parry E, Lucy D, Orlando C, Williams J, | Apr 2022 | Institute for Employment Studies

    A collection of presentation slides from the annual IES HR conference