About us

Our mission

The IES mission is to help bring about sustainable improvements in employment policy and human resource management.

We achieve this by increasing the understanding and improving the practice of key decision makers in policy bodies and employing organisations.

Our values

Our values infuse our work. We strive for excellence, to be collaborative, and to bring curiosity to what we do. We work with integrity and treat people respectfully and with compassion.

Respecting Others: We value every person as an individual.

Acting with Integrity: We put research quality first.

Collaboration: Effective collaboration is woven into the daily fabric of our work.

Curiosity: We love to explore tricky issues and generate new knowledge that can be applied.

Excellence: We deliver outstanding research and consultancy that informs policy and practice.

Compassion: We treat each person as an individual and approach relationships with care.

An overview

IES was established in the financial year 1968-69 to be an independent, national centre of expertise on productivity, manpower planning and labour market change. Since that time it has expanded and diversified to become a leading UK independent centre for research and evidence-based consultancy in employment, labour market and human resource policy and practice. It is not-for-profit, its activities being funded through research and consultancy commissions, and from its corporate membership programme.

IES has around 40 multidisciplinary staff plus an extensive network of international associates, and its expertise is available to all organisations through research, consultancy, publications and its website.

The Institute's Board of Trustees act in a governance role and provide strategic oversight to the work of the Institute.

A summary of the annual financial statements and Institute activity in the last 12 months, up to 31 March 2023