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  • Covid class of 2020, and beyond

    Supporting Sussex learners and potential learners

    Williams J, Newton B, Pollard E, Williams C, Williams M | Jan 2021 | Institute for Employment Studies

    Sussex Learning Network commissioned IES to lead research into the implementation of a collaborative ‘Pan Sussex’ approach, ensuring all learners and potential learners in Sussex can make effective transitions within education and training as a protective measure against the economic storm created by the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Labour market priorities for the 2021 Budget

    IES | Jan 2021 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This is the IES submission for the 2021 Budget which will be held on 3 March. It argues that the Budget should prioritise action in eight areas to support a jobs recovery and labour market inclusion.

  • Shut Out

    How employers and recruiters are overlooking the talents of over 50s workers

    Edwards M, Holmes J, Mason B, Bajorek Z  | Jan 2021 | Centre for Ageing Better

    This is the first report in a series from Ageing Better’s Good Recruitment for Older Workers (GROW) project.

  • Promoting an Age-Inclusive Workforce

    Living, Learning and Earning Longer

    OECD Directorate of Employment with IES contributions from Newton B, Bevan S, Vanderleyden J  | Dec 2020 | OECD

    This report debunks several myths and demonstrates the positive impact of age diversity and inclusion on a firm’s long-term competitive growth and organisational resilience.

  • Labour Market Statistics, December 2020

    Dec 2020 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This briefing note sets out analysis of the Labour Market Statistics published on 15 December 2020.

  • The impacts of the coronavirus crisis on the labour market

    Analysis of quarterly Labour Force Survey data

    Williams M, Cockett J, Boustati A, Ebanks-Silvera D, Wilson T | Dec 2020 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This paper sets out analysis of the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, using quarterly and longitudinal Labour Force Survey data covering the period from July to September 2020.

  • Global Wage Report 2020-21

    Wages and minimum wages in the time of Covid-19

    Dec 2020 | International Labour Organization

    This report, by the International Labour Organization, examines the evolution of real wages around the world, giving a unique picture of wage trends globally and by region.

  • Reforming employment status

    Building a stronger foundation for employment rights

    Brown D, Holmes J | Nov 2020 | Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)

    This report works through the issues associated with employment status and assesses the viable methods of simplification and reform on offer.

  • Obesity Stigma at Work

    Improving Inclusion and Productivity

    Bajorek Z, Bevan S  | Nov 2020 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This report is the first output of the PURPOSE programme (Promoting Understanding and Research into Productivity, Obesity Stigma and Employment). The programme, funded by Novo Nordisk, focusses on improving national productivity levels via better employment and labour market outcomes for those living with overweight or obesity.

  • Caring without sharing

    Single parents’ journey through the Covid-19 crisis (interim report)

    Clery E, Dewar L, Papoutsaki D | Nov 2020 | Gingerbread / Institute for Employment Studies

    This report looks at the impact of the Covid-19 Crisis on single parents. It focuses on single parent workers who were not defined as ‘critical workers’ and who are likely to have faced the greatest challenges in terms of needing to work and care simultaneously during lockdown.