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  • ESG, SDGs and HR: a positive post-pandemic partnership

    Brown D | Jul 2021 | Institute for Employment Studies

    Duncan Brown highlights a key trend resulting from and given strong stimulus by the Covid-19 pandemic, with huge potential to shape the future work and influence of the HR profession: the rise of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) investing.

  • Living and working with obesity

    Are employers playing their part?

    Bajorek Z, Mason B, Edwards M, Bevan S  | Jul 2021 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This report is the second output of the PURPOSE programme (Promoting Understanding and Research into Productivity, Obesity Stigma and Employment). The programme, funded by Novo Nordisk, focusses on improving national productivity levels via better employment and labour market outcomes for those living with overweight or obesity.

  • Labour Market Statistics, July 2021

    Jul 2021 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This briefing note sets out analysis of the Labour Market Statistics published on 15 July 2021.

  • Making values a reality

    Embedding organisational values

    Mason B, Allen A, Hirsh W  | Jul 2021 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This report presents the findings of a review of the existing literature on techniques for embedding organisational values, alongside practical examples from organisations who have effectively embedded their values.

  • The future of the employment deal: What will the ‘new normal’ look like in a post-pandemic world of work?

    IES Perspectives on HR 2021

    Lucy D | Jul 2021 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This paper looks at the psychological contract of the employment deal and how HR is well placed to shape collaboratively with employees a shared understanding of what an employment deal may broadly resemble in the 'new normal'.

  • Situations vacant: Online job adverts during the crisis and recovery

    Cockett J, Wilson T  | Jun 2021 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This briefing note sets out new analysis of online job postings, drawing on vacancy data held by Adzuna.

  • The impact and effectiveness of leadership development activities for senior leaders

    Edwards M, Sinclair A, Holmes J, Mackay S, Carter A | Jun 2021 | NLC

    An evaluation of the first three years of the National Leadership Centre (NLC), a centre set up to support the development of public sector senior leaders.

  • Student mental health and wellbeing

    Insights from higher education providers and sector experts

    Pollard E, Vanderlayden J, Alexander K, Borkin H, O’Mahony J  | Jun 2021 | Department for Education

    The Department for Education commissioned IES, Advance HE and the Careers Research and Advisory Centre to engage with the higher education sector to gain an institutional perspective on the main issues around student mental health and wellbeing.

  • Working well? How the pandemic changed work for people with health conditions

    Mason B, Edwards M, Bajorek Z, Bevan S | Jun 2021 | Centre for Ageing Better

    IES research on behalf of the Centre for Ageing Better highlights that more support is needed for employees to manage health conditions in the workplace.

  • Pay and Reward Strategies after Covid-19

    IES Perspectives on HR 2021

    Brown D | Jun 2021 | Institute for Employment Studies

    Forecasting the future of pay and reward is difficult at the best of times. This report looks at how reward professionals can navigate the post-pandemic landscape, to build a new and better normal.