Independent evaluation of the Workplace Health Champion project

Final report for Business Health Matters

Wilson S, Ward J |   | Business Health Matters / Institute for Employment Studies  | May 2024

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The Workplace Health Champion Scheme was an initiative delivered by Active Lancashire and a network of partners, funded by the European Social Fund. The scheme aims to improve workforce health and wellbeing through providing accredited training which enable organisations to implement health champion roles within their workplaces. Between June 2021 and December 2023, 1096 Workplace Health Champions (WHCs) have received level two or level three qualifications to deliver the role within their organisations.

In April 2022 Rocket Science and the Institute for Employment Studies were commissioned to undertake an independent evaluation of the scheme to understand the impact of WHCs operating within their workplaces and learn from the process of delivering the project. The evaluation took a mixed methodological approach over the two years and has sought to deliver both a process and impact evaluation of the programme. This is the final report of the evaluation and builds upon the findings from the interim report delivered in December 2022.