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  • SomersetWorks Partnership College Pilot Evaluation

    Orlando C, Alexander K, Winton A, Muir D, Newton B | Jan 2023 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This report presents findings from the IES evaluation of the SomersetWorks Partnership College Pilot, an eight-month pilot of an innovative pre-employability programme targeted to the most vulnerable young people not in education, employment or training (NEET).

  • Bridging the gap

    Making young people a vital part of every workforce

    Orlando C, Winton A, Alexander K | Jan 2023 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This report looks at employers’ perspective on and experience of good quality youth employment.

  • Labour Market Statistics, December 2022

    Dec 2022 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This briefing note sets out analysis of the Labour Market Statistics published on 13 December 2022.

  • Connecting Communities

    Process Evaluation: Final Report

    Bramley G, Gloster R, Green A, Huxley C, Subosa M, Taylor A | Dec 2022 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This evaluation identifies the factors that influenced employment and progression outcomes for participants of the Connecting Communities employment support programme, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of the place-based approach to employment support more broadly.

  • Caught in a gap – the role of employers in enabling women to build better pensions

    Winton A, Gloster R, Mason B, Edney C, Plowden-Roberts C, Talbot J | Dec 2022 | Phoenix Insights

    The Institute for Employment Studies has partnered with Phoenix Insights to develop two in-depth reports which analyse women’s finances through the lens of the workplace.

  • Webinar & slides: Working for the Future

    The Commission on the Future of Employment Support

    Dec 2022 | Institute for Employment Studies

    Slides and a webinar recording that introduces our new Commission on the Future of Employment Support.

  • Building opportunity

    How social housing can support skills, talent and workforce development

    Alexander K, Evans S, Wilson T | Dec 2022 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This report looks at how we can raise employment and address labour market disadvantage for people living in social housing.

  • Literature review and methodological background to the Employment Data Lab

    Cockett J, Gray H, Papoutsaki D | Nov 2022 | Department for Work and Pensions

    In this report IES reviews the literature (available at the time) on methods for investigating the causal impact of policy interventions before identifying those most likely to be relevant to the DWP Employment Data Lab.

  • Can a more flexible jobs market raise the status and pay of part-time workers?

    IES contributors: Edney C, Muir D, Williams M | Nov 2022 | Timewise

    This report sets out how the lack of flexible jobs at the point of hire, in particular part-time opportunities, traps certain groups of people out of work or in low-pay – parents, older workers and people with disabilities.

  • Is inclusive work key to resolving the recruitment crisis?

    A call to action for retail, hospitality, health and social care employers

    Winton A | Nov 2022 | HR Network

    Abbie Winton suggests that as well as looking at pay for a solution to the current recruitment challenges, there is also a need to understand which other parts of the employment offer need to be adapted to make work more appealing to a broader potential pool of workers.