We run a range of events in different formats and on a variety of topics. Many of our events are run exclusively for organisations which are members of our HR Network.

  • Reflective practice skills: A practical workshop for HR specialists

    Thu 16 Apr 2015 09:30 to Thu 16 Apr 2015 13:30 | London, United Kingdom

    This interactive skills workshop will deepen the application of reflective practice for the mid-career HR professional. The skills of reflective practice can increase personal effectiveness and learning as well as support the ongoing development of mindfulness that helps the body respond to, rather than react to stress.  Drawing on research and case studies, participants will learn about and work with tools such as mindfulness, reflection, meditation and journaling to develop their own mindfulness and reflective practices. Topics include: d...

  • HR Directors' Retreat: Behavioural change at work

    Tue 28 Apr 2015 11:00 to Wed 29 Apr 2015 14:00 | England, London, United Kingdom

    Our HR Directors’ retreat this year will focus on behavioural change at work. Pulling on a wide range of disciplines; behavioural science, neuroscience and psychology, and mixed with organisational experience of trying to shift behaviour in the workplace. Behavioural change is often harder than we anticipate and yet much of the effort of HR is an attempt to shift engrained behaviours and cultures. We often want to shape the ways people think, behave, interact; change their habits or ways of working. There is now a growing understanding of ...

  • Participative Mini-Conference: Line Management

    Thu 21 May 2015 09:30 to Thu 21 May 2015 15:30 | London, United Kingdom

    The line manager is a crucial player: developer, coach, talent spotter, engager, motivator, performance manager, communicator, workforce planner, change agent. Much is expected of line managers, who represent the vital link between organisational priorities, and the translation of these intentions to actions on the ground. Yet managers themselves often feel overloaded by the combination of roles they are asked to perform and the operational targets they are required to meet.  How can HR best support the line? The mini-conference is an oppor...

  • Tapping into the youth labour market: Trends, apprenticeships and graduate recruitment

    Thu 02 Jul 2015 09:30 to Thu 02 Jul 2015 16:00 | London, United Kingdom

    Many employers are revitalising their recruitment of young people, especially extending apprenticeships into new areas of work and tapping more effectively into the large and diverse pool of new graduates. IES has recently undertaken major research into both apprenticeships and graduate recruitment. This workshop is a chance to tap into key findings and share effective practices with other employers. This participative workshop will cover: ■      Trends in the youth employment, unemployment and education/ training. ■      Apprenticeships:...

  • HR Business Partners: Yes please or no thanks?

    Thu 16 Jul 2015 09:30 to Thu 16 Jul 2015 13:30 | London, United Kingdom

    This event will ask when and where HR business partners really add value to the business and how you can ensure that they will flourish. But we will also examine the rationale for those organisations that have decided business partners are an expensive luxury they cannot afford. The workshop will highlight orgs that have taken different approaches. Your facilitator: Peter Reilly, IES Principal Associate

  • Annual HR Conference: Organisational Development

    Thu 01 Oct 2015 09:30 to Thu 01 Oct 2015 16:00 | London, United Kingdom

    Our conference this year focuses on the intricacies of organisational change.With markets only slowly recovering from the recession, and the public sector still firmly in austerity, conditions remain tough for many organisations. Adapting to such challenging times has led many organisations to seek major change - attempting to shift cultures, cut costs, and innovate.   But we all know that change can go wrong and make things worse rather than better. Change can significantly dent employee morale, well-being and engagement  and damage product...

  • Building your HR analytics capability

    Thu 22 Oct 2015 09:30 to Thu 22 Oct 2015 16:00 | London, United Kingdom

    Improved HR information systems means that more and more people data are being collected but we are not yet fully exploiting the possibilities to describe and understand workforce patterns, yet alone predict their change. Whilst HR is beginning to address its long standing weakness in data analysis, more still has to be done. So how do you build your HR analytics capability and how best should you deploy it to give organisational insight? This IES event will use a case study approach to explore these issues in a highly participative format....

  • Annual HR Provocation 2015: Beyond competencies

    Wed 25 Nov 2015 16:30 to Wed 25 Nov 2015 18:30 | Greater London, City of London, United Kingdom

    Competencies have had a good run in HR terms. They began to enter our HR discourse in the late 1960s becoming increasingly popular in the 1970s and 1980s (which is when they really began to embed in the UK). They have become one of the staple means by which we specify the characteristics we look for in new recruits, in promotees and what we expect in terms of performance and behaviour. However, they are not uncontentious and it may just be that the tide is firmly turning against competencies as the dominant way of describing what we are lo...

  • Ethics in HR

    Tue 15 Dec 2015 09:30 to Tue 15 Dec 2015 13:30 | London, United Kingdom

    It is a challenge to balance continuing public pressure and consumer demand for sustainable and ethical business and people management practices with creating and supporting the agile business strategies today’s fast paced operating environment requires. But with managing the organisation’s reputation uppermost in management minds, there are opportunities for HR to really make a difference. Particular questions to be addressed include: Does our culture promote ethical conduct? Is there a pattern of problematic behaviour unfolding in specif...