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13 May 2015

Good news on the labour market for now, but new government’s jobs plans raise major questions about labour productivity

Nigel Meager comments on today's labour market figures from ONS, asking what the Conservative party's manifesto promise of 2 million jobs will mean for productivity levels in the UK.

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15 May 2015

Consulting to Change and Sharing in Success: Lessons from the IES HR Directors' Retreat

Duncan Brown revisits points made at the IES HR Directors' Retreat, asking how we can successfully implement change whilst maintaining stability and engagement among employees.

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14 May 2015

Making analytics count

'Customers of our organisations often are at the sharp end of evidence-free decision making.' Peter Reilly discusses the practicalities of making HR analytics a reality.

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RT @DrZofia: Penny Tamkin...HR thinker and doodler supreme! Summing up our #roleoftheline thoughts

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