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1 August 2016

New IES research identifies NHS trusts which are likely to be most affected by Brexit

NHS trusts in London, Thames Valley and East of England are most likely to be affected by the UK leaving the EU, new analysis reveals. The full implications of the data analysis are outlined in a new IES piece for the LSE’s Brexit Vote blog.

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26 Aug 2016

EU immigration: impacts and prospects for the UK labour market

Sophie Hedges considers the impact of Brexit on the UK labour market with particular focus on immigration, skills supply and demand, and the debate surrounding a points-based system.

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26 Aug 2016

Pension deficits, bond yields and quantitative easing: Why HR professionals need to take note

Professor Stephen Bevan on the need for HR to be prepared to provide guidance around pension funds and employees' financial concerns in the context of uncertainty surrounding the implications of Brexit for the UK economy.

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Immigration, points-based systems + skills supply following #brexit. Blog by Sophie Hedges

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