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Stephen Bevan
Is 'good work' the ultimate workplace health intervention?

19 July 2017

Stephen Bevan considers the less-discussed aspect of the recent Taylor Review of modern employment: 'good work'. What is the evidence base, and what should a 'proactive approach' look like?

Wendy Hirsh
Talent management - for the many or just the few?

18 July 2017

Wendy Hirsh considers recent IES research on talent management approaches taken across different sectors, and asks: should development opportunities be offered to everyone?

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Brexit and the impact on higher education: one year on

23 June 2017

One year on from the EU referendum, we present two blogs considering the impact of Brexit on the higher education sector on both students and staff.

The impact on staff and funding

Joy Williams, Research Fellow

The impact on students

Alex Martin, Research Intern