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Zofia Bajorek


Mental Health Awareness Week: how moving ‘fairness’ up the organisational agenda could reap wellbeing benefits.

13 May 2024

In support of Mental Health Awareness Week, Zofia Bajorek looks at the issue of fairness at work and calls for employers to review workplace policies and practices to ensure that positive employee wellbeing is supported and maintained.

Gender pay gaps: continuity or change, progress or push-back?
Duncan Brown, 08 May 2024

Pay equity and transparency: coming our way in the UK?
Duncan Brown, 28 March 2024

Can job crafting help the terminally ill?
Stephen Bevan, 25 March 2024

The surprising rebirth of strategic workforce planning
Duncan Brown, 11 March 2024

Flexible working as a day one right
Astrid Allen, 31 January 2024

DEI trends 2024: preparing for the year ahead
Meenakshi Krishnan, 29 January 2024

DEI trends 2023: reviewing the year gone by
Meenakshi Krishnan, 10 January 2024

Pay and rewards: our ‘hopes and fears’ and your key priorities for 2024 to avoid more ‘stagnation (HR) nation’
Duncan Brown, 02 January 2024


Looking into the future of workplace coaching
Alison Carter, 21 November 2023

Mental health at work: the employers’ role in supporting disclosure and tackling taboo topics
Jonathan Buzzeo, 16 November 2023

Why does the gender pay gap persist? A Nobel Prize winning answer
Meenakshi Krishnan, 31 October 2023

Mental health at work: taking a strategic approach
Sally Wilson, 30 October 2023

‘People leave managers, not companies’ - but is the manager really at fault?
Zofia Bajorek, 19 October 2023

Are we 'pulling more sickies' or do organisations need to focus more on 'good work'?
Zofia Bajorek, 09 October 2023

Growing the future workforce: reflections fro the IES HR Director' Retreat
Dan Lucy, 05 October 2023

Beyond the hybrid: flexible working for site-based roles
Astrid Allen, 07 September 2023

Weigh more and get paid less: why the obesity wage penalty for women matters
Stephen Bevan, 18 August 2023 

Reducing health-related job loss among older workers
Stephen Bevan, 14 July 2023 

Does love win at work? Reflecting on progress toward LGBTQ+ inclusion in the workplace 
Billy Campbell, 28 June 2023 

Leadership: what’s it all about?
Stephen Bevan, 21 June 2023 

Unpaid carers and employment: why it’s time carers are cared for 
Zofia Bajorek, 08 June 2023 

The 'Great Resignation': is the grass always greener?
Stephen Bevan, 02 June 2023 

SMEs and the mental health challenge 
Sally Wilson, 17 May 2023

Flexible working: man’s new best friend? 
Astrid Allen and Abbie Winton, 15 May 2023

Shaping a fairer world of work: reflections from the IES Annual Conference
Dan Lucy, 9 May 2023

Bullying in the workplace: why zero tolerance needs to be practised, not just preached 
Stephen Bevan, 21 April 2023

Grasping the nettle: shaping a fairer world of work in complex times
Dan Lucy, 12 April 2023

Pay transparency: ‘the whole thing is a manager problem’
Duncan Brown, 3 April 2023

Health and wellbeing at work: where we are and where we want to be
Zofia Bajorek, 24 March 2023

Pay awards in 2023: the end of the going rate?
Duncan Brown, 1 March 2023

Organisational diversity & inclusion strategies: reflections from a diversity & inclusion specialist
Rob Barkworth, 5 January 2023


Lessons for HR from the public sector pay disputes? ‘It’s good to talk’
Duncan Brown, 19 December 2022

Caught in a gap - the role of empoyers in ebabling women to build better pensions
Abbie Winton, 12 December 2022

How do your line managers treat your (potential) neurodiverse staff?
Alison Carter, 07 December 2022

It's time to stop squeezing the 'squeezed middle', for everyone's benefit 
Zofia Bajorek, 24 November 2022

Minimum wages: how much is enough? International learning on national minimum wages and protecting low-paid workers
Duncan Brown, 17 November 2022

Remind me again, why are higher and cost-of-living-related pay increases a bad thing?
Duncan Brown, 21 October 2022

Reward strategy 2022: from profit and cost-focus to prosperity, proper pay and compassion
Duncan Brown, 12 October 2022

World Mental Health Day: identifying three priority areas for employer action
Stephen Bevan, 10 October 2022

The ageing workforce: time for a more strategic data-driven approach?
Dan Lucy, 07 October 2022

Will management 'productivity paranoia' be the undoing of hybrid work? 
Zofia Bajorek, 28 September 2022

Plan while you can: what can HR do now to prepare for recession?
Dan Lucy, 01 September 2022

You can’t get the staff these days!’ Or the workforce planners and human capital investors..
Duncan Brown, 18 August 2022

Regional pay in the public sector: an idea whose time has gone?
Stephen Bevan, 02 August 2022

Bonus growth: a welcome sign of caring HR management or an ineffective sticking plaster for low pay?
Duncan Brown, 27 July 2022

Talent trumps diagnosis when neurodiverse skills are supported at work
Claudia Plowden Roberts, 11 July 2022

Can more multi-year pay deals calm our industrial relations climate?
Stephen Bevan, 05 July 2022

Wellbeing at work as a collective challenge, not a problem that individuals should struggle with privately 
Alison Carter, 04 July 2022

Tackling the hidden anxiety crisis among self-employed construction workers
Stephen Bevan, 16 June 2022

Hot or not? How to pass by the pitfalls and reap the rewards of hybrid hot desking 
Astrid Allen, 22 May 2022

Is employee loneliness the next pandemic to challenge HR? 
Zofia Bajorek, 11 May 2022

Why 2022 is HR’s moment to shine: reflections from the IES conference
Claire Campbell, 5 May 2022

‘Total reward’: a phrase past its sell-by-date in the post-pandemic economy?
Duncan Brown, 27 April 2022

Fishing in puddles: recruitment in 2022
Claire Campbell, 23 February 2022

Overcoming the barriers to living and working with cancer
Stephen Bevan, 04 February 2022

Weight-based stigma and employment – an opportunity to have your voice heard
Zofia Bajorek, 1 February 2022

New Year but same old you? Research suggests taking a look around before blaming yourself for broken resolutions 
Sally Wilson, 26 January 2022


Voice, flexibility and resilience - what has HR learnt in 2021?
Claire Campbell, 16 December 2021

A coaching approach to supporting staff wellbeing in difficult working circumstances  
Alison Carter, 15 December 2021

"It's the most wonderful time of the year..."
Zofia Bajorek, 13 December 2021

Working from home (again) - five lessons from the last time 
Stephen Bevan, 09 December 2021

Making flexible working the default
Astrid Allen, 01 December  2021

The Great Resignation Vs The Great Retirement: Where should employers’ attention lie?
Zofia Bajorek, 29 November 2021

‘High wage, high skills, high productivity!’ Is progression in employment high enough on the employer agenda?
Zofia Bajorek, 14 October 2021 

Lifting the lid on the return to workplace toolkit
Zofia Bajorek, 16 September 2021 

Why ‘i-deals’ may not be idyllic for managing hybrid work 
Zofia Bajorek, 23 August 2021 

How to make values grow and flourish as a meaningful part of the business
Beth Mason, 18 August 2021 

Inequality and in-work poverty: The new priorities for HR?
Duncan Brown, 4 August 2021

Living and working with obesity: Employers must break the cycle of workplace discrimination
Zofia Bajorek, 16 July 2021

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace: reflections from the IES conference 
Zofia Bajorek, 18 June 2021

What can we learn from Auntie and the Dog about values?
Astrid Allen, 14 June 2021

Woking 9 'til 5....or 6? Or 7? Or 8?
Zofia Bajorek, 25 May 2021

Lockdown line management: new engagement strategies need to be deployed and HR support is key
Zofia Bajorek, 30 April 2021

Working from home one year on: valuable lessons have been learnt and now it’s time for employers to listen
Zofia Bajorek, 23 March 2021

Beating Obesity Stigma: A Three-step Programme
Stephen Bevan, 4 March 2021

Reflections on: ‘Unequal impact? Coronavirus and the gendered economic impact’, a new report by the Women and Equalities Committee
Duncan Brown , 10 February 2021

Keeping the art of conversation alive
Zofia Bajorek , 4 February 2021

Cancer survivorship in Covid-19: A blind spot for employers? 
Stephen Bevan , 4 February 2021

Work stress and Covid-19
Tejal Fatania , 11 January 2021

One for the 'road'? How can employers help staff who turn to alcohol during the latest lockdown?
Zofia Bajorek, 11 January 2021


Weight-based stigma occurs at every stage of the employment cycle – it needs to stop now
Zofia Bajorek, 30 November 2020

Workplace surveillance: one to keep an eye on?
Dan Lucy, 27 October 2020

The future of homeworking: reflections and implications
Dan Lucy, 12 October 2020

How are you feeling?
Zofia Bajorek, 9 October 2020

Making it easier for workers to do the right thing
Ed Griffin, 21 September 2020

Have HR shared services centres just caught a cold (or Covid-19)?
Peter Reilly, 18 August 2020

Why taking the slow road back to the office may make more sense
Ed Griffin, 21 July 2020

Parents, the pandemic and the perfect storm?
Dr Jasmine Kelland, 26 June 2020

Informal care & employment in ‘Lockdown’ – Are we doing enough to help?
Zofia Bajorek, 12 June 2020

Organisational re-design - HR's role in reshaping for the future
Ed Griffin, 1 June 2020

Why Now is the time to prioritise employee and personal wellbeing
James Rind, 21 May 2020

Why kindness at work should be more than just 'random acts'
Zofia Bajorek, 20 May 2020

Bullying and harassment during Covid:19 - Surely not?
Professor Duncan Lewis, 18 May 2020

What makes an effective remote manager?
Dan Lucy, 14 May 2020

All at sea? How can research on the mental health of seafarers help us cope better with 'lockdown'?
Zofia Bajorek, 30 April 2020

Preacarious work and mental wellbeing - a lurking COVID-19 threat?
Julie Vanderleyden, 29, April 2020

'When it comes to care workers, don't just applaud, pay them'....but how? 
Duncan Brown, 22 April 2020

Is remote working really so bad? The benefits of working from home during Covid-19
Beth Mason, 20 April 2020

The curve steepens: COVID-19 and the social gradient for UK workers 
Stephen Bevan, 14 April 2020

How to avoid the homeworking-parenting clash
Stephen Bevan, 6 April 2020

Beware the curse of the laptop warrior
Stephen Bevan, 2 April 2020

Covid-19: A time to be compassionate and rational (part 2)
Ed Griffin, 30 March 2020 

Coaching for wellbeing and resilience
Alison Carter 26 March 2020

Covid-19: A time to be compassionate and rational 
Ed Griffin, 19 March 2020

Combating Inequality 2: The Budget and levelling up, levelling down and levelling in 
Duncan Brown, 18 March 2020

Combating the disease of extreme inequality
Peter Reilly, 06 March 2020

Obesity stigma at work - the weight of evidence is growing
Stephen Bevan, 04 March 2020

The line management conundrum - let's hug and not squeeze our line managers
Zofia Bajorek, 24 February 2020

Why governance is good and being human is ok
Ed Griffin, 24 February 2020

It's good to talk' - but is it always easy to? 
Zofia Bajorek, 05 February 2020

Putting the 'being' at the heart of workplace wellbeing   
Stephen Bevan, 03 February 2020

Pay and Rewards 2020: depression, hope and anger. My hopes for ‘more of’ and ‘less of’ in the decade ahead   
Duncan Brown, 14 January 2020


The right to disconnect: are you switching off this Christmas?
Stephen Bevan, 19 December 2019

Party manifestos and the big jobs gamble
Ed Griffin, 09 December 2019

Guest Blog: Alcohol Awareness - What Employers Need to Know
Lauren Booker, 13 November 2019

The UK’s gender pay gap: two steps forward and one step back? Or is that two steps down and one up?
Duncan Brown, 31 October 2019

World Mental Health Day: Raising both Awareness andAction at Work
Zofia Bajorek, 10 October 2019

Job crafting: An employee led approach to job redesign
Stephen Bevan, 27 September 2019

Stop dithering, start planning!
Wendy Hirsh, 20 September 2019

What happens when you get a new boss and then your job comes to an end?
Ed Griffin, 5 September 2019

The end of retirement? 
Stephen Bevan, 21 August 2019

Mental health training for managers? A case of caveat emptor
Stephen Bevan and Sally Wilson, 9th August 2019

‘Operation Preparation’: parallels between the UK’s business and employment planning for Brexit and WWII 
Peter Reilly, 6th August 2019

Workforce Planning - the lost (but critical) HR capability?
Ed Griffin, 26 July 2019

Who's afraid of evidence-based HR?
Ed Griffin, 3 July 2019

Carrot or stick? How are UK employers managing absence?
Stephen Bevan, 27 June 2019

Do you trust HR (to deliver good work)?
Duncan Brown, 25 June 2019

Mind the gender pensions gap too
Duncan Brown, 18 June 2019

Closure at Ford Bridgend - what next for the workforce?  
Stephen Bevan, 7 June 2019

How to retreat to progress on people management and performance
Duncan Brown, 5 June 2019

"I have eyes. I have ears. I have feelings." Obesity discrimination at work must be challenged more effectively
Zofia Bajorek, 17 May 2019

Are managers really ready for change?
Ed Griffin, 8 May 2019

The vital role of strategic people management in these uncertain times
Duncan Brown, 18 April

"We are always going to need temporary staff" - NHS staff shortages show no sign of slowing down
Zofia Bajorek, 21 March

Barriers to re-entry: a diversity and inclusion challenge
Catherine Hogan, 8 March

My Fair(ly paid) Lady? Gender Pay Gap Reporting: Act 2
Duncan Brown, 12 February

Hiring a chief meaning officer? You're missing the point
Stephen Bevan, 16 January

2019 looks set to bring talent shortages, so it's time for creative and innovative HR practice
Dan Lucy, 15 January


Revisiting the spirit, wisdom and relevance of workforce planning pioneers
Wendy Hirsh, 13 December

The productivity puzzle: are we looking in the right place?
Stephen Bevan, 6 December

Moving from flexible working rights to effective employer practice
Rosie Gloster, 2 October

Ten years on, has HR learned any lessons from the financial crash?
Stephen Bevan, 3 September

Skills-, competency-, and capability-based pay: the magic bullet to solve public sector pay (and UK productivity) problems?
Duncan Brown, 13 August

Fifty years of organisational change: a story of process before people?
Dan Lucy, 19 July

The NHS at 70: reflections from a HR Director
Guest blog: Dean Royles, 5 July

Learning from Marks & Spencer closures: four ways to build a resilient organisation
Dan Lucy, 7 June

Committing to employee mental health and wellbeing: where can employers start?
Sally Wilson, 17 May

What can HR learn from the NHS
Peter Reilly, 2 March

Mind the (real) talent gap
Duncan Brown, 31 January


Employee engagement: Dying, or a happy ending?
Duncan Brown, 15 December

Market pay supplements: sticking plasters or longer-term solutions to recruitment and retention pressures?
Catherine Rickard, 12 December

Gender, ethnicity and disability pay gaps: policies and practices changing minds
Adam Elston, 16 November

Going horizontal? Where next for HR and people management?
Duncan Brown, 24 October

The alpha effect: why the civil service will soon need more part-time roles
Guest blog: Kath Atkinson, 9 October

Working with arthritis: more common than you think
Stephen Bevan, 21 August

Talent management - for the many or just the few?
Wendy Hirsh, 18 July

Is there a mental health 'time-bomb' ticking away in the public sector?
Stephen Bevan 1 June

Mind the (gender pay) gap: Will gender pay reporting make any difference?
Duncan Brown, 5 April

An opportunity to be bold for gender pay equality
Catherine Rickard, 8 March

Should HR focus more on prioritisation?
Peter Reilly, 6 March

Build bridges not walls, inclusion over diversity
Duncan Brown, 3 February


It's Financial Capability Week; what are you doing?
Catherine Rickard, 14 November

Ageing and learning in the workplace: Is age just a number?
Guest Blog: Dr Kath Atkinson, University of Leicester, 26 October

Meaningful work: Part two: How to destroy the meaning of work
Professor Katie Bailey, 6 October

Meaningful work: Part one: Where can we find it?
Professor Katie Bailey, 29 September

Post-referendum uncertainty demands a focus on employee engagement
Stephen Bevan, 30 August

Pension deficits, bond yields and quantitative easing: Why HR professionals need to take note
Stephen Bevan, 26 August

Don't get 'sniffy' with hay fever victims at work
Stephen Bevan, 24 August

Back to the future: from pay benchmarking to Brexit-induced strategic HR planning
Duncan Brown, 17 August

Poor musculoskeletal health and workforce productivity
Stephen Bevan, 5 July

Changing change management: From executive edict to empowered employees
Duncan Brown, 12 May

Older worker health - a looming crisis?
Stephen Bevan, 22 April

Moving the mountain. Can HR open minds to unlock learning?
Amanda Callen, 18 April

Gender pay gap reporting: Let's get on with it
Duncan Brown, 8 March

New year, same old problem: Low reward, engagement and productivity
Duncan Brown, 26 January


Some questions to ask yourself on International Day of Persons with Disabilities
Catherine Rickard, 3 December

Five reasons for the death of an HR practice
Penny Tamkin, 23 November

Heightism: an unacknowledged bias?
Dilys Robinson, 14 October

It's the job, stupid!
Peter Reilly, 5 October

HR Business Partners: Yes, please? No thanks? ...or somewhere just-right in-between?
Duncan Brown, 25 August

Organisation Design without the drama
Sharon Varney, 28 July

Firms offering innovative options for working families are coming up trumps
Mary Mercer, 16 June

Gender Equality: Who cares, why care?
Duncan Brown 10 June

Does ‘talent’ help or hinder?
Wendy Hirsh, 5 June

Laughing all the way to the bank
Amanda Callen, 26 May

Consulting to Change and Sharing in Success: Lessons from IES’s HR Directors' Retreat
Duncan Brown, 15 May

Making analytics count
Peter Reilly, 14 May

Fair Pay: What do the Politicians and HR Directors want?
Duncan Brown, 22 April

Mary Parker Follett: an unsung heroine
Dilys Robinson, 16 April

Shared Parental Leave: Parenting revolution or business as usual?
Mary Mercer, 30 March

‘Gender Pay: A moving target’... but one where more transparency and HR action will help
Duncan Brown, 23 March 2015

What is in a name?
Peter, Reilly, 15 January


Unsung Heroes - Samuel Plimsoll
Dilys Robinson, 17 December

A visitor's eye view
Wendy Hirsh, 7 October

Strategic HR and lessons from history
Peter Reilly, 4 September

Using mediation to deal with conflict at work
Andrea Broughton, 15 July

'Bad News' and its Impact on Engagement
Dilys Robinson, 4 June

You can't always get what you want...
Linda Miller and Dilys Robinson, 23 April

Employment Law and other statutory changes - Spring 2014
Jenny Holmes: 7 April

Compassion: an on-trend phenomenon
Penny Tamkin, 3 April

Name calling
Peter Reilly, 26 March

IES Perspectives on HR 2014
Mary Mercer and Peter Reilly, 30 January


Corporate Christmas:Drink and be merry?
Catherine Rickard and Jenny Holmes, 12 December

Stubborn firms and poor decisions
Penny Tamkin, 18 November

Social media and HR: avoid the pitfalls and reap the benefits
Andrea Broughton, 28 October

Stop knocking the employee survey
Dilys Robinson, 11 October

Employment Law and other statutory changes - Autumn 2013
Jenny Holmes, 17 September

High-performance AND fulfilling work
Paul Fairhurst, 2 September

Heading to zero?
Peter Reilly, 5 August

Are you just paying lip service to diversity?
Mary Mercer, 2 August

The NHS at 70: reflections from a HR Director