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Tony Wilson

Working for the future: five priorities for reforming employment support in the next parliaments

31 May 2024

IES Director Tony Wilson sets out five priorities for a new approach to employment support, for whoever wins the next election: based on ambitious objectives, clear entitlements, empowering people, a reformed employment (and careers) service, and new ‘labour market partnerships’ to take this forward.

We need more than a task force for ‘British jobs’: we need to rewire our approach to employment and skills
Tony Wilson, 22 May 2024

Gender stereotypes in the construction industry: breaking barriers to tackle skills shortages
Arundhati Dave and Kate Alexander, 15 May 2024

The occupations affected by the Budget
Daniel Muir, 14 April 2024

Why Bolsover could be the next Port Talbot
Daniel Muir, 22 March 2024

Skills Bootcamps – we need to know more!
Joy Williams, 21 March 2024

Roses are red, violets are blue, workers strike for fair pay at Deliveroo
Kate Alexander, 14 February 2024

The search for better labour market data
Dan Muir, 14 December 2023

The Commission for Healthier Working Lives: building a consensus on how to address the decline in working-age health
Tony Wilson, 7 December 2023

16-18 education: participation matters
Becci Newton, 27 November 2023

The prize for tackling health-related economic inactivity
Dan Muir, 23 November 2023

What are green jobs and how can they be supported?
Ben Brindle, 13 November 2023

Universal basic income: pros, cons and evidence
Daniel Muir, 16 October 2023

Changing workplace models: remote, on-site & flexible
Daniel Muir, 25 September 2023

Analysing the nation’s skills problem
Daniel Muir, 11 September 2023

The childcare sector: providers and the workforce in England
Anneka Dawson, 28 July 2023

Lifting the lid on the Youth Employment Toolkit: using the right tools for a challenging task
Becci Newton, 05 July 2023 

Youth Employment Toolkit: wage subsidies and youth employment
Alexandra Nancarrow, 05 July 2023 

Shared parental leave is used by high earning professionals and has not been the answer to more equal parenting for most families
Rosie Gloster, 03 July 2023 

Taking time off to be a dad: how can new fathers be supported to have a greater role in family life?
Rosie Gloster, 03 July 2023 

Creative education: new government funding is welcome - but does it go far enough?  
Joy Williams, 19 June 2023

The Budget and the childcare sector
Dan Muir, 12 June 2023

Plotting a course towards the labour market: Navigating the results of the Health-led Employment Trials 
Becci Newton, 22 May 2023

Young people’s mental health in the workplace: time to bridge the gap 
Cristiana Orlando, 19 May 2023

IES is proud to announce publication of the Health-led Employment Trials Evaluation
Becci Newton, 20 April 2023

An Early Years revolution? Time to focus on high-quality early education
Anneka Dawson and Alexandra Nancarrow ,17 April 2023

Employer investment in training in England
Becci Newton, 6th April 2023

Gradual, then sudden: why employment has stalled and what the Budget should do
Tony Wilson, 10th March 2023

Sustaining practitioner learning in early years settings with speech and language therapist support
Olivia Garner, Alexandra Nancarrow and Anneka Dawson, 6 February 2023

Closing the gap: the role of government in enabling women to build better pensions 
Abbie Winton, Claudia-Plowden Roberts & Jade Tablot, 26 January 2023

Bridging the Gap: Making young people a vital part of every workforce
Cristiana Orlando, Abbie Winton and Kate Alexander, 16 January 2023 

The potential role quality part-time work could play in reducing poverty and solving the inactivity crisis
Daniel Muir & Charlotte Edney, 01 December 2022

Creating system change: bringing services together to facilitate employment - lessons from the Advancement Network Prototypes 
Becci Newton & Rosie Gloster, 02 November 2022

The cost-of-living crisis and 16-18 year-olds in jobs with apprenticeships
Becci Newton, 24 October 2022

Improving outcomes for young peole: what lessons can we learn from Europe?
Cristiana Orlando, 06 October 2022

Behaviours that work in helping people find work: how we can use Behavioural Insights to improve employment outcomes
Miguel Subosa, 29 September 2022

Can businesses afford to pay (or afford not to pay) a living wage?
Claudia Plowden Roberts and Astrid Allen, 22 September 2022

All change: as government returns, we need a new plan for jobs and growth
Tony Wilson, 22 September 2022

Reflections on the Good Work Project: how can councils and combined authorities best support good work in their communities? 
Danni-May Higlett, Cristiana Orlando, Astrid Allen, 20 September 2022

How can remote working support levelling up? 
Daniel Muir, Astrid Allen and Rosie Gloster 8 September 2022

How can traineeships support employers through the recruitment crisis?
Olivia Garner, Rosie Gloster, August 2022

Tackling the labour market participation crisis among older people
Rosie Gloster, June 2022

IES evaluations in action: Mercer's Early Years Special Initiatives 
Jonathan Buzzeo, Ceri Williams, Anneka Dawson, June 2022

Can texting parents help improve children’s development?
Anneka Dawson, Ceri Williams & Lucy Stokes 

Launch of the IES Trials Unit
Anneka Dawson, 26 April 2022

Creating effective sector-based routes to work: lessons from the Construction Skills Fund
Rosie Gloster, 30 March 2022

Levelling up participation by 16-18 year olds
Becci Newton, 25 March 2022

A crisis of job quantity or job quality? New technology, the pandemic and the future of work 
Abbie Winton, 10 March 2022

How speech and language therapists have supported early years practitioners during the pandemic
Olivia Garner, 3 March 2022

What does flexible working look like in frontline roles? The case of construction
Rosie Gloster, 2 February 2022

Way to Work - a first step, but we can and must do better
Tony Wilson, 28 January 2022


‘Still waiting for a Living Wage’: UK progress but more needed internationally
Duncan Brown, 8 December 2021

Improving pay and job quality in Adult Social Care
Becci Newton, 25 November 2021

Not just any job, good jobs! Youth voices from across the UK
Cristiana Orlando, 25 November 2021

Wage boost for low-paid workers: let’s not forget young people
Cristiana Orlando, 04 November 2021

Research during a pandemic 2: How has our research in pre-16 education gone this summer?
Anneka Dawson, 2 September 2021

How can speech and language therapists help nurseries catch up this year?
Anneka Dawson & Clare Huxley, 28 June 2021

What works in youth employment partnerships: learning from evidence and improving practice 
Cristiana Orlando, 17 June 2021

In conversation with young people: opportunities and challenges for good quality work in a post-pandemic world 
Cristiana Orlando, 01 June 2021

Mental health among young employees: let's start doing more to improve workplace practices 
Cristiana Orlando, 25 March 2021

One year on: we averted a jobs catastrophe, now we need to secure the recovery
Tony Wilson, 22 March 2021

Tackling Educational Inequality and the Digital Divide: Reflections on the IES report for the OVO Foundation on education inequality in the early years
Georgie Akehurst and Anneka Dawson, 25 February 2021

New Year insights and the elephant in the room: the youth employment crisis, deregulation, and low-quality work
Cristiana Orlando, 12 February 2021

Research during a pandemic: Evaluating interventions in the early years with nursery and school disruption 
Anneka Dawson, 19 January 2021


Call for participation: Health Foundation and IES youth employment policy project needs your voice
Cristiana Orlando, 14 December 2020

Spending Review 2020: Good marks on support to find work, more to do on raising demand
Tony Wilson, 25 November 2020

Next week we need a Spending Review for jobs – here’s how
Tony Wilson, 20 November 2020

Addressing the youth unemployment crisis: challenges and opportunities in unprecedented times
Cristiana Orlando, 3 November 2020

The four-day week - an idealistic dream or a survival strategy?
Astrid Allen, 22 October 2020

Can the pandemic transform flexible working opportunities?
Rosie Gloster & James Cockett, 19 October 2020

The slipper revolution
Dr Lesley Crane, 13 October 2020

Sunak’s measures needed to protect workers and support the recovery - they don’t
Tony Wilson, 28 September 2020

Nursery closures will hurt disadvantaged children the most - targeted funding and a long-term Early Years strategy are needed now
Anneka Dawson & Helena Takala, 26 August 2020

A mothers' many roles: how childcare impacts young women's employment opportunities 
Beth Mason, 25 August 2020

Unemployment, debt, and food banks: young women facing financial insecurity
Beth Mason, 18 August 2020

Supporting A level students into higher education in 2020 – some rays of light and an idea to ponder?
Emma Pollard, 17 August 2020 

This A Level scoring system is running counter to long standing policy aims: are we increasing the scarring that the Covid 2020 generation will experience?
Becci Newton, 14 August 2020

Getting Kickstart working will take more than a pot of cash for businesses
Tracy Fishwick 12 August 2020 

Isolation, childcare and shortage of support: The impact of Covid-19 on young women’s mental health
Beth Mason, 10 August 2020

It might pay to move out, but for who?
Jonathan Buzzeo, 05 August 2020

Let’s not lose sight of quality jobs and better long-term outcomes for young people in the response to Covid-19
Daryl Sweet, 31 July 2020

Do we have to move out to move on? Climbing the Social Mobility step ladder in Britain
James Cockett, 30 July 2020

The role of T Levels and Industry Placements in helping young people to weather the storm
Becci Newton, 10 July 2020

The experience and impact of Covid-19 calls for government to use measures beyond GDP to shape our recovery, level-up, and ensure opportunities for everyone
Rosie Gloster, 09 July 2020

The government’s Plan for Jobs: a comprehensive response to the crisis, but challenges remain
Tony Wilson, 08 July 2020

'The Covid Generation?’ How do we improve the experience of work and its impact on health for young people?
Daryl Sweet, 08 July 2020

Are apprenticeships the way out of this recession?
Becci Newton, 02 July 2020

What are the long-term impacts for people who graduate into a recession?
Becci Newton, 29 June 2020

Six tests for the government’s not-a-budget next month
Tony Wilson, 26 June 2020

We need to start using the C word! Why career guidance needs to be at the heart of our response to Covid-19
Tristram Hooley, 25 June 2020

What’s going on with the unemployment data? 
Tony Wilson, 23 June 2020

Racial inequality in the labour market has persisted for decades – we all have to play a part in addressing it
Tony Wilson, 9 June 2020

Cut taxes or spend more? Tackling unemployment at next month's budget
Tony Wilson, 4 June 2020

Can an app help spot the gap? How technology might help address attainment gaps among early years children
Anneka Dawson, 29 May 2020

This is the biggest employment crisis that we’ve faced – we now need to respond
Tony Wilson, 26 May 2020

Covid-19: What next for employers?
Ed Griffin, 12 May 2020

The impact of Covid-19 and MOT extensions on independent garages in the motor industry - an explainer
Georgie Akehurst, 12 May 2020

Why are nurseries in financial trouble? An explainer
Helena Takala, 05 May 2020

'Falling through the cracks' or 'left in limbo' - fixing the holes in our safety net 
Tony Wilson 27 April 2020

Careers Leaders can help young people navigate an uncertain economic future
Helena Takala and Joy Williams 23 April 2020

We've never seen a month like this one - now we need to start planning for the recovery
Tony Wilson 21 April 2020

What next for the older workers losing their jobs to coronavirus?
Kim Chaplain 17 April 2020 

Youth employment challenges in a post COVID-19 recession - is education the best protection?
Becci Newton 7 April 2020 

Conference calls, coughs and children: Can parents really work from home?
James Cockett 25 March 2020 

Covid-19 Jobs and Incomes package: IES response
Tony Wilson 20 March 2020 

Coronavirus benefit: Do what it says on the tin
Bill Wells, 18 March 2020 

March jobs figures: A timely reminder that we must not lose sight of those already out of work
Tony WIlson, 17 March 2020 

This crisis shows that sick pay and Universal Credit are no longer fit purpose – here’s five ways that Parliament needs to fix them
Tony WIlson, 16 March 2020 

Employment programmes in times of 'full employment': The implications for employment advisers and participants
Rosie Gloster & Helena Takala, 11 March 2020 

International Women's Day 2020: What does the future of work look like for women? 
Beth Mason, 11 March 2020 

Time well spent? The difference between ‘value’ and values in the HE student experience
Becci Newton, 05 March 2020 

Apprenticeships: Who are they really for and is government funding benefitting those who need it most?
Becci Newton, 24 February 2020 

February jobs figures: A record breaking month, driven by disabled people and full-time work
Tony Wilson, 18 February 2020 

Access to work is a policy success - but more people should be able to benefit from it 
Helena Takala, 27 January 2020 

January jobs figures: a strong start to the year, but those with health conditions are missing out (and it’s slow progress on ‘levelling up’)
Tony Wilson, 21 January 2020


December jobs figures: reasons to be cheerful, but signs of three big challenges for next year
Tony Wilson, 17 December 2019

The parties’ 2019 commitments on skills and lessons from the past
Becci Newton, 06 December 2019

General Election 2019: Employment is out of the news but jobs could define the next five years
Tony Wilson, 06 December 2019

A day in the life: James Cockett goes on a mission to the Low Pay Commission
James Cockett, 19 November 2019

November jobs figures: Not much news is good news - but signs that women and young people are losing out as recruitment slows 
Tony Wilson, 12 November 2019

Any work will do? Younge people's work futures and the search for good work
Dafni Papoutsaki, 23 October 2019 

October jobs figures: Largest drop in employment since 2015 and falling youth employment signals trouble ahead
Tony Wilson, 15 October 2019 

Young, employed and homeless: Experiences of young people in precarious employment
Jonathan Buzzeo, 9 October 2019 

Labour Market Statistics, September 2019: Mixed messages overall, but signs of trouble ahead
Tony Wilson, 10 September 2019 

Spending Round 2019 – comment from Institute for Employment Studies
Tony Wilson, 4 September 2019 

Nothing has changed? Five priorities for Amber Rudd and a new government
Tony Wilson, 25 July 2019 

Labour Market Statistics, July 2019: Another record breaking month, driven by the self-employed and older workers
Tony Wilson, 16 July 2019

Career engagment: What more can be done to support career management in the workplace? 
Liz Hey & Rosie Gloster, 11 July 2019

Labour Market Statistics, June 2019: No news is good news overall, while employment of older people sets new records
Tony Wilson, 11 June 2019

The impact of student finance: actions are needed to ensure a better understanding of the true costs
Emma Pollard, 30 May 2019

We need to tackle low pay – but we can’t do it without employers
Tony Wilson, 10 May 2019

Epilepsy and employment: poor awareness and misconceptions reveals a need for targeted support
Sally Wilson and Morwenna Byford, 2 May 2019

Disability employment - a welcome start
Tony Wilson, 7 March 2019

Planning and preparing for later life in uncertain times
Rosie Gloster, 18 February

Why furthering understanding of pre-16 education is crucial to our mission
Anneka Dawson, 31 January

Apprenticeships: how to address gender and ethnicity pay gaps
Becci Newton, 10 January

Could pausing Universal Credit create the opportunity we need to fix it?
Tony Wilson, 9 January

Workforce planning remains a missing link in the NHS long term plan
Stephen Bevan, 7 January


IES at 50: half a century in Brighton & Hove, our local labour market
Matthew Williams and Tony Wilson, 21 December

Industry placements and T Levels – stepping up to meet the skills challenge
Becci Newton and Joy Williams, 6 December

Using data to improve employment support for refugee communities
Rosie Gloster, Helena Takala (IES) and Alice Thornton (Renaisi), 28 November

Free movement will not end with this deal - and that's welcome news
Tony Wilson, 15 November

Austerity, welfare reform and local growth - what to look out for in the 2018 Autumn Budget
Tony Wilson, 25 October

Stress and mental health at work: half a decade in policy and practice
Sally Wilson, 10 October

Addressing today's labour market challenges is a huge task, but we need to try and our work can help
Tony Wilson, 5 October

Further decline in EU workers prompts fears of labour shortages
Jim Hillage, 16 August

Sickness absence falls, but is there a sting in the tail?
Jim Hillage, 1 August

Seven ways online platforms have changed how we work
Rosie Gloster, 26 July

Young people still struggle to thrive in today's labour market
Jim Hillage, 12 July

Cultivating compassion: who cares for NHS staff?
Kate Spiegelhalter, 5 July

Our response to the government's consultations on modern working practices
Charlotte Zealley, 27 June

Why is take-up of shared parental leave so low? Learning from parents' return to work decisions
Rosie Gloster, 14 June

What does the future of volunteering look like?
Joy Williams, 7 June

The labour market past and future: fifty years of IES insights
Jim Hillage, 31 May

Is wellbeing a missing link in our search for productivity growth?
Stephen Bevan, 15 May

Apprenticeship Levy: is it working?
Becci Newton, 6 April

Volunteering: it makes a difference
Joy Williams, 21 February

Government response to the Taylor Review: damp squib or small step in the right direction?
Nigel Meager, 7 February


What do we mean by inclusive teaching and learning?
Emma Pollard, 9 November

How will ending free movement impact UK employers?
Erica Consterdine, 4 October

Now you see it, now you don't: Contrasting approaches to fairness and change in UK and Korean pay policies
Duncan Brown, 2 October

How many nurses is a university vice-chancellor worth?
Duncan Brown, 12 September

Matthew Taylor: a reflection on good work
Penny Tamkin, 16 August

Is 'good work' the ultimate workplace health intervention?
Stephen Bevan, 19 July

Public sector pay: Scrap the cap?
Duncan Brown, 5 July

Brexit and the impact on higher education: one year on

Brexit and higher education: the impact on staff and funding one year on
Joy Williams, 23 June

Brexit and higher education: the impact on students one year on
Alex Martin, 23 June

Clarity must be the order of the day for business in Brexit negotiations
Guest blog: Adam Marshall, 31 May

Silver hairs will purchase us a good opinion: reflections on teachers working longer
Annette Cox, 14 March

Women, work and caring: unspoken expectations and stifled careers
Sally Wilson, 8 March

Older women at work: doubly disadvantaged?
Rosa Marvell, 8 March

Two cheers for the PM's focus on mental health at work
Stephen Bevan, 9 January


Brexit, population ageing and nursing shortages: A perfect storm?
Rachel Marangozov, 20 December

Working beyond retirement - the new prescription for good health?
Stephen Bevan, 8 December

Higher education in a post-Brexit world
Joy Williams, 28 September

How will Brexit impact UK employment legislation?
David Yeandle OBE, Guest blog, 19 September

Precarious work - a slippery concept?
Andrea Broughton, 9 September

Immigration and Brexit: Four challenges
Madeleine Sumption, Guest blog, 1 September

EU immigration: impacts and prospects for the UK labour market
Sophie Hedges, 26 August

Absolutely Favelas: Rio as a catalyst for sustainable growth
Sam Swift, 5 August

A third of nurses due to retire in the next 10 years. Who is going to plug the gap?
Rachel Marangozov, 8 July

What does Brexit mean for employment?
Jim Hillage, 29 June

Careers advice is crucial, but what can schools do?
Rosa Marvell, 20 June

Who cares for working carers?
Andrea Broughton, 9 June

Time for employers to take up the social mobility baton from HE
Emma Pollard, 15 April

More apprenticeships, but some are locked out
Jonathan Buzzeo, 16 March

The true cost of 'welfare tourism'
Rachel Marangozov, 11 February


How are employers attracting the right graduates? 
Wendy Hirsh, 10 December

Growing entrepreneurship: is it good for the workers?
Nigel Meager, 16 November

India and the UK: a golden opportunity?
Sam Swift, 11 November

Workplace stress: an ongoing issue
Sally Wilson, 5 November 2015

Universities and student mental health: how are universities coping with soaring demand?
Matthew Williams, 9 October

Work-life balance – a win-win situation
Andrea Broughton, 29 September

Will EU rhetoric be a match for the reality of youth unemployment?
Kari Hadjivassiliou, 12 August

Work experience key to improving skills and reducing youth unemployment
Stefan Speckesser, 15 July

The heat is on: new uptake figures say it’s time to make up our minds on the agenda for Apprenticeships
Becci Newton, 3 July

How are our graduates faring?
Emma Pollard, 26 June

Risk Management with a smile! Getting an early start on health and safety
Sally Wilson, 18 June

Directing training funds through employers: what does it mean for adult learners?
Annette Cox and Jonathan Buzzeo, 17 June

Adult Learners’ Week: What next for adult Apprentices?
Becci Newton, 15 June

May Day: pagan rites and employment rights
Andrea Broughton, 1 May

Productivity tops the next government’s to do list 
Jim Hillage, 1 April

Thanks for the good news Chancellor, but what about youth unemployment?
Jim Hillage and Becci Newton, 19 March

Young people still struggle to thrive in today's labour market