IES staff are very active beyond the commissioned project work they do, with national and international speaking and chairing engagements.

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  • Making Devolution Work for Women

    Newton B, Invite-only roundtable discussion: Making Devolution Work for Women, Fawcett Society, Birmingham, August 2019

  • Mental Health and Wellbeing at Work: The Importance of Good Work

    Bajorek Z, Health and Safety at Work: Reducing Workplace Risks and Creating Better, Safer Working Conditions, Government Events, London, July 2019

  • Change Readiness: The Opportunities and Implications

    Carter A, Webinar for the Henley Centre for Coaching, Henley Business School, [online], 9 July 2019

  • Workforce planning in an uncertain times: an approach for the public sector

    Reilly P, The Future of HR in the Public Sector, Government Events, London, July 2019

  • Obesity at work: challenging stigma and discrimination

    Bajorek Z, Obesity at work: challenging stigma and discrimination, European Association for the study of Obesity (EASO), Annecy, France, July 2019

  • Roundtable to discuss the Liquid Workforce

    Newton B, Natwest, London, July 2019

  • Gender pay gaps - how do we close them?

    Brown D, Inclusion Matters, Management Today, London, June 2019

  • Adult skills and gaining accreditation in the workplace

    Newton B, Presentation, Gatsby Foundation, London, June 2019

  • T-Levels Preparing for Success

    Newton B, Presentation, Westminster Briefing, London, June 2019

  • Developing the careers offer in schools and colleges - meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks, the initial impact and development of Careers Leaders, implementing the Baker Clause and working with Opportunity Areas

    Williams J, 'The Careers Strategy - developing partnerships, progress on targets and implementation issues for schools and colleges' at the Westminster Employment Forum policy conference, Westminster Forum Projects, London, June 2019