IES staff are very active beyond the commissioned project work they do, with national and international speaking and chairing engagements.

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  • Mental health at work

    Bevan S, Tartu Healthcare College workshop on mental health and employment, Tartu Healthcare College, Tartu, Estonia, September 2018

  • Workforce health

    Bevan S, 6th Global Healthy Workplace Awards, Global Centre for Healthy Workplaces, Bergamo, Italy, September 2018

  • Psychosocial health at work

    Bevan S, Institution of Occupational Safety and Health Annual Conference, Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), Nottingham, July 2018

  • Changing the institutional culture to drive inclusive learning

    Williams M, Inside Government conference: Supporting disabled students throughout higher education, Inside Government, London, July 2018

  • Masterclass facilitator

    Brown D, UCEA Developing your reward strategy masterclass, Universities & Colleges Employers Association, Cookham, July 2018

  • Workplace mental health

    Bevan S, Jockey Club TourHeart Project inaugural symposium on stepped care services and workplace mental health, Jockey Club TourHeart Project, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, June 2018

  • HR, technology and the future of work

    Bevan S, European HRD Circle, European HRD Circle, Berlin, Germany, June 2018

  • Refugees into sustainable employment: key findings from the evaluation

    Gloster R, Renaisi RISE seminar: Improving life for refugees in London: How can we collaboratively create change?, Renaisi, City Hall, London, June 2018

  • Future of work

    Bevan S, GLC 10th HR Minds Digitalisation Conference, GLC, Vienna, Austria, June 2018

  • Formulating and delivering a workforce strategy for a post-Brexit world

    Brown D, Brexit: The Employers' Summit 4th Edition - Preparation, Planning and Policy, Business Forums International Ltd, London, May 2018