IES staff are very active beyond the commissioned project work they do, with national and international speaking and chairing engagements.

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  • Coaching Early Conversation Interaction and Language: An implementation and process evaluation of two speech and language therapy programmes in early years settings

    Dawson A, Huxely C, European Early Childhood Education Research Association, September 2021

  • Wage Effects & Employment Discrimination

    Bevan S, The Association for the Study of Obesity (AS0), September 2021

  • What Works in Youth Employment Partnerships

    Orlando C, IES, July 2021

  • Good Work, Good Health: Securing Our Future

    Stephen Bevan, Public Health Wales, July 2021

  • House of Lords Youth Unemployment Committee

    Wilson T, Youth Unemployment Committee, June 2021

  • Will the future of work after lockdown be flexible

    Bevan S, Work After Lockdown, June 2021

  • Health and Work: Healthy Ageing Webinar

    Bevan S, Centre for Ageing Better, June 2021

  • 20 Million Reasons to Discuss Life After Cancer: Establishing a European Survivorship Day

    Stephen Bevan, European Cancer Patient Coalition, July 2021

  • ICT's and future of work - how to analyze the current changes in the work environment

    Bajorek Z, World Summit on the Information Society, April 2021

  • Age inclusive workforces: the business case and putting it into practice

    Bevan S, Ageing Better, April 2021