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  • Effective talent and succession management

    A framework for thinking about your own approach

    Hirsh W | Feb 2015 | Institute for Employment Studies

    The first paper in our new HR Essentials series focuses on talent and succession management. It offers the practitioner two elements of support on just two pages: 1. A framework for thinking about your own approach. 2. Ten practical tips for developing and implementing a successful approach.

  • HR in a disordered world

    IES Perspectives on HR 2015

    Feb 2015 | Institute for Employment Studies

    IES presents its annual Perspectives on HR publication, in which IES researchers and consultants offer their insights into the challenges of today's turbulent world for the HR function.

  • Reasonable Accommodation and Sheltered Workshops for People with Disabilities

    Costs and Returns of Investments

    Mallender J, Liger Q, Tierney R, Beresford D, Eager J, Speckesser A, Nafilyan V | Jan 2015 | European Parliament

    IES participated in this extensive study on costs and returns on investment in measures to improve the labour market situation of disabled people. Our particular focus was on estimating the impact of regulatory reform in the longer term, updating previous impact studies.

  • Work Programme Evaluation: the participant experience report

    Meager N, Newton B, Sainsbury R, Corden A, Irvine A | Dec 2014 | Department for Work and Pensions

    This report brings together and summarises the main evidence from the different strands of the Work Programme evaluation about the experience of participants. The evaluation tracks the Work Programme over several years from its introduction in 2011. This report notes changes in participants’ experiences and perceptions of the programme during this period.

  • Work Programme Evaluation: Operation of the commissioning model, finance and programme delivery

    Foster S, Metcalf H, Purvis A, Lanceley L, Foster R, Lane P, Tufekci L, Rolfe H, Newton B, Bertram C, Garlick M | Dec 2014 | Department for Work and Pensions

    This report brings together and summarises the main evidence from: the 2013 and 2014 waves of the Work Programme evaluation about the commissioning model, finance and programme delivery; and provider surveys from 2012, 2013 and 2014. The report explores the impact of the commissioning model on the provider market, the operation of the financial model and programme delivery.

  • Evaluation of Day One mandation of prison leavers to the Work Programme

    George A, Metcalf H, Hunter G, Bertram C, Newton B, Skrine O, Turnbull P | Dec 2014 | Department for Work and Pensions

    Since March 2012 prison leavers who make an advance claim to Jobseeker’s Allowance before release, or within 13 weeks of being released, have been referred directly to the Work Programme to receive employment support. This is known as ‘day one mandation’. This report covers: participants’ experiences of making advance benefit claims whilst in prison; participants’ experiences of Work Programme support; and staff perspectives on operating day one mandation.

  • The Fourth Work-Life Balance Employer Survey (2013)

    Dec 2014 | Department for Business, Innovation & Skills

    This fourth Work-Life Balance Employer Survey (2013 edition) provides a detailed and statistically representative picture of employers’ policies and practice on flexible working and leave arrangements.

  • Improving employment opportunities for carers: identifying and sharing good practice

    Nov 2014 | NIHR School for Social Care Research (SSCR)

    This study collected, assessed and synthesised evidence of what works in supporting carer employment. Working in partnership with CIRCLE at Leeds University, the study included expert interviews, case study work, a survey of recent participants and secondary analysis of local labour market conditions for carers.

  • Ex-post evaluation of the Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2012-2013: Working Together for Risk Prevention

    Final report

    Broughton A, Ledermaier S, Hinks R | Nov 2014 | European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA)

    IES was commissioned to carry out an evaluation of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2012-2013. The evaluation aimed to assess the effectiveness and impact of the campaign and its activities at EU and national level. It provided conclusions and recommendations to help develop and further increase the effectiveness and impact of future campaigns.

  • Private sector practice on progression

    A research report for the Office of Manpower Economics

    Mulkearn K, Welfare S, Withers L, Hinks R, Rickard C, Reilly P | Nov 2014 | Office of Manpower Economics

    The objective of this research was to establish how progression operated across the private sector in the UK. The report was based on both quantitative and qualitative evidence gathered over the course of spring and summer 2014. The quantitative phase of the research consisted of an online survey of UK employers which secured 189 responses. This was supported by qualitative evidence gathered through telephone interviews with respondents to the online survey (28) and in-depth case studies at large employers (6).