Mispronunciation Correction Test (MCT) example sentences

Please find below a set of audio files which provide examples of the MCT practice and test sentences so you can hear what they sound like when they are spoken aloud. You don’t have to say the sentence in exactly the same way, e.g. you can put the stress on a different word or use different intonation, but the sentence gives an example of how to say the mispronounced word.

How to listen to or download the audio files

For each practice or test item, there is a little embedded media player with the relevant sentence listed underneath it. Press the play button to listen to the sentence on the website or you can download an mp3 file by clicking on the three dots symbol on the righthand side of the player. A pop-up will appear with the option to download, click on this and then you can choose where to save the file.

Practice items

This morning I had a big breakfast. (pronounce: breek-fast)

I like to read books with my mother. (pronounce: moth-er)


Test items

1: Her granny is very kind (pronounce: rhyme with wind)

2: He got mud on his shoe (pronounce: show)

3: The dog had to have a wash (pronounce: rhyme with ash)

4: He put suntan lotion on his body (pronounce: boady)

5: He couldn’t find his money (pronounce: moaney)

6: In France they have great weather (pronounce: weet-her)

7: The man repaired the broken watch (pronounce: rhyme with catch)

8: He spilt spaghetti all down his front (pronounce: froant)

9: The children’s granny baked some bread (pronounce: breed)

10: We got very cold swimming in the river (pronounce rive-er rhyme with fiver)

11: They searched for the treasure (pronounce: tree-sore)

12: The friends shared a biscuit (pronounce: bis-coo-it)

13: The child used the blocks to build a castle (pronounce: cast-el)

14: The cake was shaped like a heart (pronounce: rhyme with hear-t)

15: He washed the plastic bowl (pronounce: bowel)

16: For a snack he ate a banana (pronounce: ban-ay-nar)

17: Last year there was a big flood (pronounce: fl-oo-d)

18: The dog chased the lamb (pronounce: lam-b)

19: He lost his glove (pronounce: rhyme with clove)

20: The farmer dug a hole for the post (pronounce: rhyme with cost)

21: He pushed the door with his shoulder (pronounce: showlder – first syllable like shower)

22: She put her glass on top of the piano (pronounce: pee-ay-no)

23: They could not solve the mystery (pronounce: my-ster-ee)

24: The queen lived in a large palace (pronounce: pa-lace, ‘pa’ is short like in ‘pat’)

25: The man argued with the referee (pronounce: ree-fair-ree)

26: When they went camping, they used a compass (pronounce: com-pars)

27: At the zoo we saw a camel (pronounce: came-el)

28: The toy was made of metal (pronounce: meat-al)

29: He came to the party dressed as a devil (pronounce: d-evil rhyme with weevel)

30: She was sick with the measles (pronounce: meaz-lez)

31: The children collected the scissors (pronounce: sci-sss-ors)

32: My brother likes spinach (pronounce: spin-atch)

33: On the rock there was a lizard (pronounce: lies-ard)

34: We always like to eat pudding (pronounce: rhyme with budding)

35: The cat chased the pigeon (pronounce: pig-eon)

36: He cut up the onion (pronounce: own-eon

37:  Mum paid the chemist (pronounce: tchem-ist)

38: For lunch we had some soup (pronounce: sow-p rhyme with cow-p)

39: Sam has big muscles (pronounce: musk-les)

40: He ran away from the wasp (pronounce: rhyme with rasp)