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    Employability and Employers: the missing piece of the jigsaw

    Tamkin P, Hillage J | Oct 1999 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This report pins down the concept of employability into a workable definition. Based on a review of approaches adopted in a series of case study organisations, it develops an emerging framework of appropriate employer responses, and provides a checklist to help employers develop comprehensive policy and practice.

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    University Challenge: Student Choices in the 21st Century

    A report to the CVCP

    Connor H, Pearson R, Court G, Jagger N | Jul 1996 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This report is about student numbers at UK universities in the mid 1990s, and the choices and challenges for the universities as they moved into the 21st century. It presents the findings of a study commissioned by the Committee of Vice Chancellors and Principals of UK universities (later Universities UK) in 1995, on student trends, diversity and likely future growth in demand for higher education, and the factors influencing them. This publication is no longer available.

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    What do Graduates Really do?

    Connor H, Pollard E | Jun 1996 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This report aimed to find out what graduates really did in the first few years after their degree studies, in terms of their employment outcomes and career paths, to help current and prospective students make better decisions about career plans and provide beneficial feedback to universities. This report presents the findings of a larger scale follow-up survey of graduates from the University of Sussex in 1991-1993. This publication is no longer available.

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    Managing Careers in 2000 and Beyond

    Jackson C, Arnold J, Nicholson N, Watts A G | May 1996 | Institute for Employment Studies

    This report reviews the profound changes happening to careers as a result of far-reaching revolutionary forces affecting labour markets, employment structures, organisational practice and educational provision. The report is the product of an ESRC-funded seminar series, bringing together leading scholars and practitioners to provide a state-of-the-art assessment of current knowledge about careers, and a state-of-the-nation review of trends in career development practice and support.

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    Strategies for Career Development: Promise, Practice and Pretence

    Hirsh W, Jackson C with Tamkin P, Kettley P, Jackson C | May 1996 | Institute for Employment Studies

    Successful career development practice is designed to give an organisation competitive advantage in attracting, retaining and developing the best people. By looking at policy and practice in the area of career development, this study aims to get behind the 'rhetoric' and to set out an agenda for the future.

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    The Target for Higher Level Skills in an International Context

    Jagger N, Morris S, Pearson R | Apr 1996 | Institute for Employment Studies

    The study examined the appropriateness of the Higher Level Skills Lifetime Learning Target which stated that 30 per cent of the working population should be qualified to NVQ Level 4 and above by the year 2000. The study compared the position in seven competitor countries with the situation in the UK, using comparable data on their economies, demographics and output at NVQ Level 4 and above. Countries covered were: Australia, France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and the USA. This publication is no longer available.

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    New Deals. The Revolution in Management Careers

    Herriot P, Pemberton C | May 1995 | John Wiley & Sons

    This publication is no longer available.

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    Opening the Door: Employment, Prospects and Morale of Newly Qualified Nurses

    Seccombe I | Dec 1994 | Royal College of Nursing