360 Degree Feedback

Beyond the Spin

Silverman M, Kerrin M, Carter A | Report 418 | Institute for Employment Studies | Mar 2005

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This report makes explicit the issues faced by organisations who are implementing 360-degree feedback for the first time, reviewing what they have gained since implementation, or considering its use within a different context (such as appraisal).

The report examines evidence in favour of 360-degree feedback from employees' behavioural change and improved performance, to organisational effectiveness and added value.

Recommendations are provided for future practice, based on the findings, to increase the impact of 360-degree feedback in different contexts.

  • Offers an in-depth review of the topic of 360-degree feedback
  • Provides an independent analysis of key issues emerging from theory and practice
  • Includes two detailed organisational case studies and interviews and consultations with five other organisations.