Acas Helpline Survey 2007

Hooker H, Usher T, Robinson D | Report 41823 | Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (Acas) | Sep 2007

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The Acas national telephone helpline service provides advice on employment relations issues to employers, employees and their representatives, dealing with approximately 850,000 calls each year across 12 regional offices. This research presents the findings of the 2007 Acas Helpline Survey.

IES surveyed a sample of 3,972 willing callers using a questionnaire very similar those used in the previous surveys, as the longitudinal aspect of the data analysis was an important part of this project. Respondents were given the option of filling out postal or online questionnaires.

The findings clearly indicated that the Acas helpline continues to be valued by employers, employees and third party callers. High levels of satisfaction were reported by callers on almost all aspects of their calls to the helpline.