Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the job interview process

Toolkit for employers, careers advisors and hiring platforms

Jaser Z, Petrataki D, Starr R, Oyarbide E, Newton B, Williams J |   | Institute for Employment Studies | Nov 2021

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This toolkit has been designed to provide employers and careers and employment advisers with crucial information on how to support young people in their transitions to the labour market in the context of new technologies used in recruitment and selection processes. The toolkit is a chance to consider how Asynchronous Video Interviews (AVIs) are being used in recruitment, and the implications for job-seekers, platforms and employers. It is underpinned by in-depth qualitative interviews with young job-seekers and an evidence review

Our research sets out to demystify some of these technologies and to highlight the lived experience of young people undergoing recruitment in this format, and to provide guidance to employers and careers and employment services on the implications for their practice. It builds on detailed research conducted by Dr Zahira Jaser and team, at the University of Sussex Business School, who used a mix of interviews of young job seekers, analysis of material published by Hiring Platforms and of technologies used in Asynchronous Video Interviews (AVIs).