Back Office Efficiency: Shared Services

Case Studies

Fairhurst P, Reilly P | Report  | Foundation Trust Network, NHS Confederation | Oct 2010

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This report presents case studies of organisations who have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of their back office functions by developing shared service operations. Four key questions regarding the nature of developing a shared service organisation are used to frame the case studies:

  • Working alone or in partnership?
  • In-house or outsourced delivery?
  • Single or multiple functions?
  • Leading with structure, process or technology?

Eight case studies are presented in this report. These are Anglia Support Services, Berkshire Shared Services, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire partnership, Cheshire HR Shared Service, Knowsley Health and Wellbeing, LaSCA, NOMS and Southwest One.

The case studies highlight that benefits can come from both cost savings through reduced transaction costs and headcount as well as from improved customer service and consistency of delivery.