Barriers to and triggers of policy innovation and knowledge transfer in the UK

Hadjivassiliou K P, Tassinari A, Swift S | STYLE Working Papers 4.1/UK | CROME, University of Brighton | Aug 2015

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The report presents an exploratory analysis and discussion of the institutional aspects and social learning processes that are in play in the UK in relation to youth-related policies. In relation to these policies particular emphasis was placed on education and training; employment programmes and active labour market policies (ALMPs); welfare benefits; etc. In addition, special attention was paid to policy learning/transfer processes in operation in the UK together with the prevailing governance structures and actors.

The authors discuss the dynamics of policy change, learning and innovation from a macro-level perspective, including the overall governance and socio-economic structure; the policy learning framework; and the outputs from policy learning and change. The report also outlines policy change across institutions and policies, notably employment, VET, and welfare policies.