Barristers’ Working Lives: A Biennial Survey of the Bar 2011

Pike G, Robinson D |   | Bar Council and Bar Standards Board | Jan 2012

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The Bar Council, which represents barristers in England and Wales, and the Bar Standards Board (BSB), the regulator of barristers in England and Wales, commissioned IES to research and produce 'Barristers’ Working Lives', the first in a planned series of biennial surveys of the Bar.

The aims of the survey were to provide improved demographic data and information on the profile of the Bar, to gather data and insights into the working lives and employment experiences of barristers and to gain a better understanding of career aspirations, motivations and intentions to stay in or leave the profession.

The survey was sent to a sample of 8,000 barristers and received just under 3,000 responses, a response rate of 38 per cent.