Business Models and HR

Logic or Fashion?

Robinson D, Wolfe H | HR Network Paper MP57 | Institute for Employment Studies | Jan 2006

This paper explores the extent to which there is a link between business models and HR, in terms of structure, function and skills. It visits the following themes:

  • the association between the underpinning strategy of the organisation, and the business model(s) it adopts in order to achieve its strategic objectives
  • the implications of different strategic and business models for HR
  • the delivery models adopted by HR, and the extent to which these are aligned with organisational strategy and business models
  • the roles and skills required of practitioners in different HR delivery models
  • whether revisions to HR delivery models are associated with business model change and arise from business needs ...
  • ... or whether changes to HR delivery models actually happen independently of the business, and owe more to trends and fashions within the HR profession than to business needs.