Cognitive Factors' Influence on the Expression and Reporting of Work-Related Stress

Daniels K, Jones D, Perryman S, Rick J, Fergusson E | Research Report RR170 | Health and Safety Executive | Feb 2004

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There is debate over the extent to which psychosocial hazards really influence occupational ill-health, or whether findings from research reflect individual differences, related to factors such as personality and attitudes. That is, whether work conditions, individual differences, or a combination of both influence stress-related illness.

This debate has many implications:

  1. for our understanding of work-related stress
  2. for the extent to which changes in organisational practice can reasonably be expected to reduce stress-related illnesses
  3. for the means of assessing stress-related illness to gauge the success or otherwise of interventions.

This research seeks to examine aspects of this debate and outline some of the implications for policy and organisational practice.