The Commission on the Future of Employment Support

Call for evidence: summary of responses

Campbell B, Patel R, Plowden Roberts C |   | Institute for Employment Studies  | May 2023

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The Commission on the Future of Employment Support has been set up to develop evidence-led proposals for reform so that our approach can better meet the needs of individuals, employers and the economy. 

In November 2022, the Commission launched a Call for Evidence, which sought views on what is working well within the current system, what could be improved and what learning could help to shape future reforms. The Commission asked in particular about how employment support:

  • can work better for individuals, and particularly for those more disadvantaged in the labour market;
  • can meet the needs of employers, both to fill their jobs and support good work;
  • is organised and governed, including the role of the UK, devolved and local government and how services join up and work together locally; and
  • can meet the needs of our future economy and society – supporting growth, economic change, an ageing population and transition to Net Zero.

The Commission received responses from 95 stakeholders, with a total of 249 pieces of evidence overall. This document is a summary of the emerging themes from the Call for Evidence. It captures key themes from an initial review and is not exhaustive. Our detailed review will be presented in an interim report in summer 2023.