Constructing Better Health - Final Evaluation Report

Tyers C, Sinclair A, Rick J, with Lucy D, Cowling M, Gordon-Dseagu V | Research Report RR565 | Health and Safety Executive | May 2007

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The Constructing Better Health pilot aimed to raise awareness of occupational health issues within the construction industry, as well as to test out a model of delivery so that learning points could be used in the design of any national scheme. The pilot was carried out in Leicestershire from October 2005 to June 2006.

This report investigates both the process and the impact of the pilot. It considers:

  • the model of delivery and the reaction amongst employers and workers in the pilot area to the service
  • levels of take-up of the service and the reactions to different elements of service provision
  • intermediate outcomes such as awareness of occupational health issues and better health management procedures
  • the ultimate outcome measures including levels of accidents and days lost due to ill-health.