Covid-19: Practical guidance for the HR professional

Griffin E |   | Institute for Employment Studies | May 2020

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This guide is designed to help HR professionals navigate through the unprecedented challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. For each area of HR responsibility, we have focused the content around three phases we believe organisations may need to manage their responses – React, Recover and Renew.

From the outset of the lockdown in the UK, many organisations have provided tips for coping with the immediate situation. This guide aims to help HR teams look at both their immediate response to the crisis, and help the organisation to plan and act to get beyond this initial reactive phase.

For each section of the guide we have provided key considerations and questions that HR teams may need to address in order to sustain their organisation through these challenging times, as well as sources of information and support. The guide can be used as a whole or to get rapid action prompts for key areas of focus for HR during these challenging times. We have focused on those areas we believe will require particular attention and ones that may easily get missed.