CSF Onsite Hubs: learner progress

Final report

Gloster R, Buzzeo J, Patel R |   | Institute for Employment Studies  | Mar 2022

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This report supplements findings from the main evaluation of the Construction Skills Fund (CSF). The CSF supported the development of 23 onsite training hubs which were mobile training facilities situated on construction sites. They delivered training for in-demand entry level construction skills. By offering trainees the opportunity to learn and apply their knowledge in a real-world industry-led environment, the hubs intended to bridge the gap between training and working in the construction industry.

This research fills a gap in the main evaluation by focusing on the medium-term learner perspectives and experiences of looking for work after completing the course and career and learning progression. A qualitative method was used to provide deep insight into whether and how participants were able to enter employment in the construction sector and any barriers they experienced. In total, 30 interviews were achieved with respondents between nine months and two years after they completed training. The sample included respondents in a range of situations and from a range of backgrounds.