Database of effective youth employment measures in selected Member States

Hadjivassiliou K, Rickard C, Manzoni C, Swift S | STYLE Working Papers D4.4b | CROME, University of Brighton | Aug 2016

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This report presents a database of effective youth employment measures in specific European Union Member States. It is one of several outputs from the STYLE project, funded by the European Commission.

An analysis of the database is offered in STYLE Working Paper D4.4a. The database offers an overview of the main and/or most effective programmes which aim to tackle youth unemployment in these Member States, in the period 2008 to 2016.

The database splits the analysis of each programme into the following sections:

  • An overview of the programme, including aims, objectives, target group(s) and activities.

  • The main responsible body and other key actors.

  • Sources and levels of funding.

  • Quantitative data about take-up and outcomes, including employment outcomes.

  • Overall evaluation of the programme including its effectiveness and the extent to which it facilitates young people's school-to-work transitions.