Early Assessment of Business Link Health Checks

Cowling M, Oakley J | Globally Competitive Business Environment Report 9/9/1357 | Department for Business, Innovation and Skills | Oct 2009

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Business Link Health Checks were introduced in November 2008 as part of the government’s Real Help for Businesses Now package to help businesses identify and respond positively to the issues faced as a result of the economic downturn.

This report provides an early assessment of Health Checks in terms of the effect it has on business behaviours and the anticipated longer-term outcomes. In particular, it intends to answer the following questions:

  • How effective is the process by which businesses access Health Checks working?
  • What concerns do SMEs have about their businesses and what support do Health Checks provide?
  • Have businesses changed their behaviours and strategies as a result of the Health Check?
  • What effect has the support had on business outcomes at this early stage, and what are the potential longer term benefits that businesses expect to see as a result of the Health Check?

The report also considers potential deadweight effects and an assessment is made of the overall effectiveness and additionality provided by the Health Check service.