Effect of Agenda for Change on Career Progression of the Radiographic Workforce 2009

Edwards H, Vosper M, Miller L, Price R, Herbland T, Le Masurier S, Cherrill R, Smailes E | Research Report  | University of Hertfordshire | Apr 2009

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Agenda for Change (AfC) was the greatest overhaul of pay and conditions since the inception of the NHS. It was designed to introduce equity, facilitate career progression for healthcare staff, and improve patient services.

Whitley Council terms and conditions were to be replaced by a highly detailed pay banding system linked to the newly developed Knowledge and Skills Framework (KSF).

This report was commissioned by the Society and College of Radiographers to identify the effects of Agenda for Change (AfC) on career progression on the radiographic workforce in the National Health Service in England and Wales.

A multi-method approach of a full literature review, telephone interviews, and an online survey was adopted in order to fulfil the aims of the project:

  • Explore the expectations of career development of radiographers, assistant practitioners and support workers in diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy.
  • Identify the career progression opportunities.
  • Identify and highlight the barriers to and incentives for career progression.