Effective implementation of behaviour change techniques to influence health in the rail environment

Wilson S, Edwards M, Mason B, Akehurst G, Patel R |   | RSSB | Nov 2021

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Across the rail industry, there is a concern that the prevalence of unhealthy behaviours is increasing and leading to serious health problems. These include obesity, type 2 diabetes, fatigue, high blood pressure, and poor mental health. This research aimed to understand the influences within the rail work environment that contribute to unhealthy behaviours and identify effective solutions to enable employees to make positive health choices.

The research focused on two key risk groups: workers based at rail depots (mostly maintenance workers) and train drivers. Empirical research with occupational groups and a rapid evidence assessment were used, so that lessons could be learned from effective behavioural interventions in work environments. These two sources of evidence were used to form conclusions and recommendations for industry stakeholders to consider.

The report includes suggestions for future research, recognising that this work involves only a small sample of rail workers, and the shortcomings in the published literature identified in the REA.